From the weekend

Hello friends!

How did your weekends go?  Mine was extra excellent.

Saturday started a little… not that good;

They took my BLOOOOOOD!

I got myself tested for a few things, and I will let you all know how it goes.  For now suffice it to say, no emergencies, so no worries.

Next, I went to this place;

Ders is mah work.

I did not actually have to work, but I went to promote myself as a teacher!  It was the launch day for Organic Lives Education Centre, and I plan to teach nutrition based courses there, with an emphases on nutrition.  So I went to show my face, talk about my class and basically shmooze.  Twas great fun.  You can check out the calendar at if you are in town and want to come see me!!

After that I mozied to the Market, which is BUSY on a Saturday!  I got tonnes of awesome stuff;

This was joy in my heart.

The papaya from heaven.

Three mangoos for two monies.

Some mangoes that are destined to become ice cream.

One dalla one dalla

I found some grapes, nectarines and some peaches.  Wait, what season is it?  I do not even know.


I also got these bananas.  I have had some blue berries and some strawberries sitting in my freezer waiting for their time to shine.  This week, it is going to happen.

Then cook night happened;

Stuff for stuff.

I will leave the deets of that for another post.  Cuz I am mean and cliff hangery like that. (Hangery is a word.  Just let it go.)

I ended my night with some delight (rhyme!  I am a real writer)

Oranges always make themselves the stars.

Sunday was much lazier.   I spent a fair bit of time with one of my very favourite people;

Das mah Babay Sister

She gets hungry often;

"Crude caption that everyone is thinking." Answer, it is a banana in her pocket, she doesn't care about seeing you.

Many walks were walked through the streets of V-Town;

Picturesque? I think yes.

I live in a beautiful place.

Green juice made an appearance;

Ginger level = scalding. But I took it like a champ. Because I am a champ.

As did this sign;

Business girls.

Baby Sister and I went for tea;

It is due to the fact that she is to pretty. She is trying to take herself down to an average level of good looking so everyone around her doesn't feel so badly.

She shared with me as we drank in the park;

We love tea. And Fall. And each other.

The weekend ended in glory;

A feast for royalty.

My life is sweet.


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