Mini Holiday part The End

Hello again friends!

Happy to see you have been enjoying the re-cap of our little trip!  Here is the rest of the best!

So, We left off on Saturday, after My Love and I had indulged in some princess tea.
After that, we spent some quality times with some books in a little book store.

I am a scholar.

Then it was time to explore the very very fancy Empress Hotel!!

Me being proper by a clock.

Every day at noon, they serve high tea.  Everyone dresses up and drinks tea and eats little snacks off of three tiered treat trays.  It is quite a site to see!  This is the room that they do it in;

Imagine this room buzzing with ladies in hats and gloves and tea cakes.

My Love was a titch worn out from all the walking, so he decided to take a break and read the news;

Old as Frigggg, and I am not talking about the leather couch.

On our way out we saw a picture of what the Empress Hotel looked like 100 years ago.  I was stoked about it.

There were ladies in fancy hats and gloves in that picture.

We quickly stopped off at the museum on our way back to the hotel, but it was closed;

Why does you hide your knowledge from meeeeee?!

So we took my pic in front of the parliament building instead, for a little does of history.  You know.


We made one last stop, so that I could show My Love the house boats.  He thought that they were neat;

He is flying Jack!

We then headed back to our room, because it was almost DURIAN TIME!  They were not quite defrosted enough, so we macgyvered a solution;

Yep. Oven durian. Believe it or believe it.

We set up our refuge camp;

Eating on the floor, eating on the floor. My Love and I always eating on the floor.

We feasted;

Secret pod!!

Then we crashed out.  ~

Sunday began bright and early at the crack of 11.  We checked out of our hotel on noon, and made our way to David’s for a hot cup of awesome;

Das Honey Bee. I did not put real honey in it tho, he is just there for the camio.

My Love wanted some food, so we stopped at Murchies.  It is AMAZING in there!  They had soups, sandwiches and salads;

So much foooood!

And a tonne of desserts and pastries;

Om nom

They also had millions of teas and coffee’s.  My love decided on quinoa salad;

It had veggies and everything.

And a raspberry muffin;

Giant. That is a giant muffin.

It was then time for us to be sad, and go home.  We boarded our bus to take us to the ferry.  It was cool because we got to sit in the very front row of the top deck!

Like a roller coaster! But safer and less, thrilling.

While on the boat, we saw some horses being rafted;

Um, what?!

My Love and I then had our last over priced meal of the trip.  A $13.44 buffet.  I ate my weight in salad;

It was a good 13 monies, I can tell you that.

My Love could not turn his eye from the dezzies;

I will recreate these guys raw. Just you watch me.

I did a little boat blogging;

Working on the boat makes you look smart and important. Looks are more important than reality.

I was feeling a little stiff from all the travel, so I took some time to asana on the boat deck;

Boat bending.

And that was pretty much the end of our trip!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our fun as much as we enjoyed having the fun.

See you tomo with a new recipe!  Yummers!


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