Mini Holiday Part Two!

Hello again friends!  I hope that your week has been flowing smoothly along!

SO!!  Where we left off, My Love and I had just traveled for four hundred years, arrived in Victoria, checked into our hotel and called it a night.

Saturday started with a sweat sesh with T-Horts;

He's commin to get cha!!

And  a little chill sesh with this guy;

Silly Gull, that is not the sea...

We then got all dressed and ready, and set out to see the town!

Yes, I am legit four feet tall. Get over it.

On our way into town, I noticed that our hotel was very close to this street;

Honestly. Why would you name a street Menzies? If you don't get it, ask your mom.

We passed by the Parliament building, where there was a rally going on.  My Love was with them;

No we weren't working when it burnt!!

And I was excited to see the Empress Hotel;

Aw Yeah.

Then we were excited together;

Both of us and the Hotel. My Love has really long arms.

I wanted to get a map, so we headed to the information centre.  We had been told by several people that whale watching was the thing to do in Victoria, so after we collected our map of town, we decided to indulge;

Wow! I saw a whale! Totally worth it.

China town was the next stop on our list.

Cool statue Hansel.

That was because I had a feeling that my very favorite food would be available.  I was correct;

The only thing in the world bigger than my head

My Love and I took our loot back to our hotel to defrost, and it was on to more exploring!  I wanted to take My Love to this little vegan buffet that I went to last time I was in Victoria.   It was found in a cool little street;

Victoria just looks like this

In a place called Market Square;

My Love wanted to take an artsy photo

Which is like a mall with no ceiling!  This is what it looked like inside;

The court-yard

We were disappointed to find out the place was closed down.  So we did the next best thing and went to Cafe Bliss, which is Victorias raw vegan spot!

Where you go to get blissed out.

There were so many awesome options.  I got my beloved Green Medicine;

Kale, parsley, celery, lemon and gin gin (that is ginger, not what you are thinking, Kemon)

My Love got a strawberry cashew ice cream mylk shake;


And we split a green salad.  It had sea weed, house made kim chi, beet, pear, seed crackers, a ginger dressing and greens.  I just wanted the greens and kim chi!

So pretty!

We saw this on the way out;

Just say no

I then snaffued My Love into walking around the Christmas Store!!  It is AMAZING;

He is stoked.

It is owned and operated by an old Russian man, who hates all the people who go into his store.  Let us just say he is NOT filled with the spirit of Christmas.  One of his rules is that you may not, under and circumstance, take pictures inside the store.  We, of course, were law-abiding citizens.

Look at all the crazy stuff!

These eggs were un-real!

And by un-real, I mean they were not real eggs. I am thinking they were glass...

This is to commemorate Baby Sisters late fish Dumpling.  He was not a very good fish, but he was cool to look at;

Would you be interested in hanging this strange fish on your tree?!

After that, My Love was feeling a bit peckish, so we looked inside the many gelato stores for some sorbetto.  Here is what we found;

They make it look all fancy!

Not in the mood for ice cream, we wandered a little further up the street and saw these;

Cray cray candied apples

They were nice, but again we were not in the mood.  Instead we decided to chill with The Buddha;

Don't you get a sore behind from sitting all day?!

He was to be found at a place called Teaopia.  It was such a neat little shop!  My Love got himself a cocoa chai roobois, and I got a fruity herbal tea called Iced Princess, because that is what I am;

Yummy Yummy in my tummy

 OK!  This post is now bordering on Novel territory.  I shall be back later to recap the last part of our trip!

When was the last time you took a mini holiday?  Where did you go?  What did you do?


2 thoughts on “Mini Holiday Part Two!

  1. I am mega impressed! Your commitment to T Horts is relentless – you go girl! Ha, ha, laughed out loud at the Christmas Shop photos, just imagining the shopkeeper wagging his finger at you both!

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