Mini Holiday Part one

Hey Friends!
So!  This weekend My Love and I took a little mini holiday out to Victoria, on Vancouver Island.  It was so amazing.

My day started at the crack of Early As Frig on Friday;

I couldn't understand either.

So I could have a little date with this guy;

Das Mah Compy!!

Before heading off to work.  Work was CRAY CRAY!  It felt like everyone in Vancouver came out for lunch at Organic Lives.  It was good for not having to be bored though!  After work I hit up this place;

Yes, they owe me for marketing.

For some shady things;

I got one million grapes.

My Love arrived home from work at the same time I got there from the market, we packed our stuff quick like bunnies, and then we hopped on a bus;

My Love was un-impressed with what I perceived to be a photo op.

That took us to a train;

Again, lovin the picks...

To another bus;

Lookie Lou! I got him to look pleased!

To a BOAT!!

Look look! A boat! A Boat!

We JUST made the 7 pm ferry, which basicly meant we did not have to stand around and wait.  Win.  We boareded the boat;

Its a Bat and her Love on a BOAT!

Took a picture, and proceeded to be so impressed.  The boat had a buffet, a cafeteria, a gift shop, a million comfy chairs.  My Love wanted food, so we stood in line at the Cafeteria.  He got a Black bean noodle bowl;

Boat food, you know it is going to be good...

I got a peppermint tea;

So smooth. So mint.

And indulged in some grapes I brought from home;

A Fruitbat is always prepared.

The ride was about an hour and forty five minutes.  When we docked, we headed to the next bus that would take us from Sydney, where we docked, to Victoria.

Heck yes it was a double decker bus!!

It was a dark ride, and we really didn’t know when we were supposed to get off;

Not to shabby for having just travelled for five hours. Ahh the joys of not owning a car.

My Love eventually asked the driver, and we were told which stop to exit.  We made it to our designated stop around 10 pm.  We walked through a little part of Victoria to get to our hotel, and saw this building all a glow in the night;

This is where government things happen!

No longer than 4 minutes later, we were at our hotel.  We checked into our hotel, and made our way to our room;

Our door for realzies and for trues. I could not believe it either

Which was AMAZING!  The living room was huge;

Couches AND a T.V! We don't even have that!

Fully equipped kitchen;

Look at that little table in there!

So many appliances!

A bed perfect for jumping;

Yes, My Love is 6 years old. What's it to ya?!

With our own little b-room;

Yes. I posted a pic of a bathroom on my blog. Deal with it.

By this time, it was almost 11.  We were TOTALLY pooped.  We quickly stuffed our faces with some nourishment, and it was time for lights out.


One thought on “Mini Holiday Part one

  1. Okay, so the door to your hotel is like proper London Chic! You lady look super-dooper glowy in those piccies, espesh the one on the boat. Lovin’ the holiday pics 🙂

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