Dead Beat Blogger

Hey Ho guys!  I hope you had an amazing weekend!

My Love took my to Victoria, on Vancouver Island, and I will tell you what, I did not want to come home.  I will recap the trip in my posts tomorrow and Wednesday, as uploading the pictures and thinking of funny captions for them will take me a minute.

For today, I wanted to link you up to an awesome article on the issue of Vitamin B12.

It is from one of my favorite blogs called

Let me know what you think.  I will see you tomorrow with a re-cap!


2 thoughts on “Dead Beat Blogger

  1. Argh. Yeah, not a fan of that post. I’ve heard from doctors who are outside the medical/supplement community that B12 is a cofactor, so we only need properly functioning adrenals (got stress? Animal products? Grains? Coffee? Caffeine? Stimulants? Your adrenals aren’t working!) and cobalt from food (we’d get enough of it from plants if our soils weren’t so depleted. Still possible but it’s best to choose locally grown/home grown over supermarket finds) to synthesize B12.
    I’m excited to hear about your travels! Such an exotic place 😉

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