Fabulous, Fruity Fanstasticness

Good Friday Happy people!  Are you excited to see the weekend?

My Love and I will be adventuring to Vancouver Island to visit the great city of Victoria this weekend, so it is possible that posts will be sparse.  But I promise a million pictures for when we get back!

Speaking of a million pictures, I wanted to show you guys the bounty of what I have been enjoying as of late.  I can tell you what, being a fruit bat is AWESOME.

Those mangoes were so so so amazing

Mangoes are slowly going out of style, but the last of the season ones were still totally to my liking.

Can you say FIGS!

Figs are also on their way out, and have been in the shady bin a tonne lately.  I have not been shy in taking them.

Pom Wonderful

Pomegranets are starting to pop up.  This was my first of the season, and it was sweet, tart, crunchy and SO MUCH WORK.  Worth it though.

Ahh, the all important foam

There have been many…

Mini oranges are majah flavah

Many many…

Have you had a prettier snack as of late?!

Trips to the juicer for medicine.  I do not go a day without green juice, and my tummy has never been happier.

My favorite has made an appearance or two…

The chosen fruit.

I brought my friend a little sample of durian the other day.  She opened the container and said, and I quote “Oh my Gosh!  It DOES smell like dirty ass!”  True story.

Grapes have come back into my life as of late as well;

So crunchy and yummy

Dinner has been an awesome time of day for me.

Citrus makes me a happy camper!

But, you know.  This fruity lifestyle is all about restriction.  And boredom.  I mean, who would want to eat such unattractive plates of food?


Like I said, being a fruit bat, it is pretty awesome.


2 thoughts on “Fabulous, Fruity Fanstasticness

  1. Have a great weekend, looking forward to the photos. Love the frothy green juices. Hubby and I just picked all the remaining apples off the trees in the garden and made a huge carrot, apple and ginger juice for breakfast. Yum!

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