Guest Life Coach Post!

Hey Batty Friends!

Today, I have something uber special for you.  This is a post by my dear friend and Life Coach Jennifer!  She is amazing and talented as what she does.  I though you would enjoy reading a little post from her, so here she is!  You can get into contact with her for her amazingly helpful coaching skills, or any questions you may have about Life Coaching at .  Enjoy and leave comments! ❤

As a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach I am trained to ask questions.  I love inquiry.  The best and most positive changes that have occurred in my life have all started with questioning myself.   I hope you find the following interesting and hopefully helpful.

Would you force your own child, (or friend, or spouse) to spend time with people who consistently make them feel bad about themselves?  I’m assuming your answer is ‘no.’ And yet, how often (today) have you forced yourself to do that very thing?

Babies are born socially dependent and know instinctively that their survival depends on the goodwill of the grown-ups around them.  Because of this, we’re all literally designed to please others.  Learning the social mores of your tribe, is what kept your cave-person self alive and not literally thrown to the wolves.  In today’s society surviving in your tribe may translate into the ‘proper’ handbag/shoe combo or where you are seen and with whom after work hours.  While you travel in these ‘packs’ it may feel like your very life depends on it, but I’m here to ask you to think about that.

Back to my question/  Are you forcing yourself to hang with people who aren’t making you feel like you are awesome and capable and a joy to have around?  If you are, maybe it’s time to take some action.

What Will Really Happen?

“I have to go to Aunt Bertha’s Thanksgiving Dinner.”  Why?  Will the family really disown you?  And if they stop talking to you will that be a ‘bad’ thing?  I encourage you to write out the reasons you ‘have to’ hang out with the people you do. 

“But, wait!” you say, “I ‘have to ‘go to work.  Those are the people who don’t get me.”   You don’t actually have to rock any boats with some new found “F You” attitude or action but,  it is good for your soul to ask yourself; “What Will Really Happen?” in order to get a look at what you are telling yourself.


Is It True?

Once you see what you are worried ‘may’ happen, you can then ask yourself is what I believe true?  Do I know absolutely that x y & z will happen if I don’t do what’s  expected of me?  Again, you don’t actually have to do anything, just think about it?

What Do You Want, Really, Really Want?

Brainstorm, PowerPoint, imagine and dream of the life you think would make you happy.  Who are the people in it?   How do they make you feel?  How do you make them feel?  What are you doing?  The more time you spend ‘feeling’ what you really want, the more likely you will start behaving in ways that may actually lead you there. 


The more you observe yourself and those around you and the way you are feeling, the more likely you are to attract more of who and what you want and less of what (or whom) you don’t.


Jennifer Washington.   


3 thoughts on “Guest Life Coach Post!

  1. Wow! Great post. Inspires me to re-embrace my vision board that has gotten kinda buried recently. I have me some work to do cutting up pictures this weekend 🙂

  2. Thank You Claire – Nothing makes me happier than being inspired AND being inspiring! Good luck with your vision re-visiting!

    Thank You ALI!!!! much Love

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