Carb Fest ’11

Hello Friends!

So, as promised, here is my post about the epic-ness that was carb-fest 2011.  Carb-Fest is a little tradition that Baby Sister and I started a few years ago when we were living on our own in E-Town Alberta.  We were alone together for Thanks Giving, and since we are both vegans, we decided to make our celebratory meal with only the carbohydrate based dishes of the traditional turkey feast.  I believe we had stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes and carrots in some form or other.  Now, every Thanks Giving and every Christmas, carb-fest gets more and more epic.  This year was no exception.

Carb-Fest started at an ungodly hour for me;

Did you know that there was one of those in the a.m?!

I got My Baby Sisters trusty suitcase on wheels;


And headed out into the morning streets of V-Town;

Hello morning streets!

A short while later, I arrived at my destination.  Organic Lives!  I went there bright and early for the morning market that happens every Saturday morning for OL employees.  We get organic produce at cost.  Because my boss is awesome possum.

All the boxes of goodness

I got myself a whole case of oranges, and a whole case of mangoes;

All happy in their suitcase.

After I carted all that home, it was time for a T-Hort sweat sesh;

Kickin' and punchin'

After all of that, it was finally time to get down to bisnis (I used the gangsta spelling of business here…).  We all hunkered into the kitchen;

My Love doing some potato chopping

Baby Sister holding and admiring some dill

Fruit Bat using Choppy, at an artsy angle

We did a bunch of prep, and then everyone took a break.  I had a snaky-poo;

A tower of green juice and some mandarins

After that, it was time to get to real cooking.

On the menu was – Roasted butternut squash mac and “cheeze”- cleary there was no actual cheese, it was a mix of nutritional yeast, daiya, almond milk, mustard and other things,- stuffing with rice, garlic bread and veggies, mushroom gravy, garlic roasted mashed potatoes, roasted Korean squash, dilled carrots, raw “pumpkin” pie and raw chocolate fudge!

Here is an action shot of the “cheeze” making;

This is how I felt about it.

And the butter spreading on the pan;

All the fat makes things not stick...

No shorter than one point five hours later, we had a feast.

Yes that was all for Baby Sister and My Love. You underestimate their eating skills. Also, leftovers

My Love with a full load;

He went back for seconds.  That is a UFB win

Baby Sisters Happy Hands;

Jazz Hands for Carbs (and let's be honest, a TONNE of fat)

There was also dessert plates to be had;

What more could you ask for?!

As for me and my Fruit Bat nature, carb-fest looked like this;

Because there are no greater carbs than the carbs that nature has prepared.

That was the end of carb-fest number one for 2011.  Baby Sister and My Love are already salivating over the promise of Christmas Carb Fest, and I am already scheming as to how I am going to make it the best ever.  Because what is food if not a reason to spread all your love to the ones you love?


3 thoughts on “Carb Fest ’11

  1. Yum! Love the Carb Fest, what a team! I would have a problem making foods as beautiful as yours for my loved ones, I would still want to eat them myself right now. Hubby eats so much fruit now it is easier for me, but there are still times (usually on an empty stomach, LOL) that I find myself ogling his suppers.

  2. Oooh, quick question I was just wondering about today: do you like to eat your greens too or just juice them into beautiful rainbow colored perfection? I kinda dislike greens to eat really, but juices are a nice addition. Thinking my minerals may make their way in via the juicer for now! Also, do you ever eat any overt fats? Again, I seem to do good without them but I like the odd nut here and there, besides the Hubby that is! Love to know what everyone else eats, fascinates me 🙂 Thanks Ali.

  3. I LOVE to juice my greens, and I LOVE to eat my fruit. SO that is usually what I do! I have not really eaten greens in a while. I guess what I am saying is I never make a point of eating greens. If I am out with friends at a restaurant and it is a salad or nothing, I will eat a salad, but that is about it. I do always make a point of juicing my greens every day though! As for the overt fat issue, I really love durian! I have that about twice a month, and that is really it for me and the overts!

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