Amazing Market Day!

Hello again to all the Bats out there!  I hope your weekend was everything you hoped it would be and more.  Any good stories to tell me?  To all my Canadian readers, I hope you are recovering well from your Thanks Giving feasts!

I had one amazing market day this week.  I was one happy bat.

Here are all the goods I got.  In October.  It is seriously Amazing.  With a capital  ‘A.’

Baby Guavas make my heart sing.

Strawberries of glory. True Fact.

Tiny Figs for Tiny Feasts

Grapes are back in my life. With a vengeance.

SO much work. But so much good.

Can you say Strawberryblueberrybananaicecream? Try, it is hard in all one breath.

Last, but most;

I literally squealed at the check out when I saw this little gut for $1.19. Like a little girl

So my plate looked like this;

So much colour!!

The Guavas needed some time in the spot light;


All taken apart and ready to eat;

All the yummy you could ever ask for. See da baby bananas that got added!!??

So It was a pretty dang good day at the market.

Tomorrows post is going to be depicting our carb fest day.  This is what we do on Thanks Giving and Christmas, since we are vegans, and all Baby Sister and My Love want to eat are potatoes.  We make carbs in all their cooked (and I’ll admit openly here, fatty) glory.  Here is a little preview into what we had to get…

SO many things!

And the all important Korean squash;

This guy was really hard to cut. Like, I am amazed I have all my fingers still.

Get excited to see the feast people.  It was epic.


2 thoughts on “Amazing Market Day!

  1. Yum-ola! The figs look sooo special. I miss figs. UK does not do good figs, but we have some great apples and pears right now. Your market haul looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

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