Day of the New

Hello My Fruity Buddies and Pals!  I hope your holiday (if you are in Canada, holla!) weekend, or just your regular weekend has gotten off to a smashing start!!

My Thursday was a day full of newness!  It started on the mat.  Ok, so this picture is gross and you shouldn’t try to do what I am doing.  That is just what happens to my Downward Dog when I get to tiered…

To tiered to keep going dog.

After I finished my practise, it was snack time.  I needed new green juice things, so this juice was a compilation of what was left in my fridge.  Ie. 99% celery juice, with some apple, ginger, lemon and kale thrown in for good measure.  I also tried something new by adding cardamom to my ground cinnamon.  It was SO good on my little baby Mandarin oranges!

Those little oranges taste like pure amazing.

Snack being complete, it was time to do something about the grossness I called my “hair”

What's that rats nest?!

I went to the Vancouver Hairdressing Academy, and it was SO awesome!  My stylist was called Janie (and she most likely is still called Janie…), and she was fantastic!  Very cautios and careful, making sure I really wanted what I was asking her for.  We ended up with this;

Thank you Vancouver Hair Academy!!!

After the excitment from my new hair wore down, My Love and I decided to take a stroll;


Only to do something not new.

Whole Foods?! Where you be coming from?

We get sucked in every time.  We came out with two new-to-us products.  Some Soy (I know, I know, I tried to convince him to get rice but the price was just to good on the soy) ice cream to be had with the apple crisp I made, and some Gin Gin hard candies.  On account of you can never have enough ginger in your life.  Ever.

I still cannot believe that My Love had never had apple crisp before...

We then carried on to our true destination;

I am, you know I am...

My dad is so proud.  We were on the look out for two things;

I can't tell you how many times I have reached for that pan, only to realize that we didn't own one.

A Pirex 9 x 12, which I am going to make good use of this weekend for Carb Fest. (Normal people call it “Thanks Giving.”) This one came with the five little bonus pieces too.  Not to shabby.  The real star of the show however was what we got next;

And you shall forever be known as "Sir Choppy"

A FOOD PROCESSOR!!!  I am so so so excited to use this baby.  Literally having trouble sleeping.  We Christened him with a batch of roasted eggplant and zucchini dip, which needed some hot pepper to make it sing.

Jalapeño makes every dip better.

Worked like a charm.  I also tried some new-to-me tea from Baby Sisters work.  It was the lemon ginger yerba mate, and it was so yummy.

Tasted even better because baby sister made it. You can see her sweet tat in the background.

After all the activity of the day, it was finally time to tuck into some fruit.

Those baby bananas are just to yummy for words. Aside from "yummy" I guess...

I love day’s of new.  Do you feel like changing things up in your life now that the weather is changing?  Love to hear what you guys are up to!


5 thoughts on “Day of the New

    • Oh No Friend! What you must do is as much green juice as you can take. Also take lemon and ginger in boiling water all day. As much water as you can take. Also, frozen bananas blended with a bit of water is really soothing.

  1. Weather is changing here in the UK too and I no like it cold! I am soaking up every last inch of sunshine there is, until the goosebumps create such deep valleys and shadows that they won’t let anymore in 🙂

    We are investing in exercise stuff for our new Gym room right now, so skinny fruity people can try and keep warm by workin’ out. Sure seems to be working so far – I may have disappeared by next spring, but will be worth it to keep warm and toasty.

    Great Post. Glad I do not live so close to a Wholefoods, I would be their most regular customer for sure. We only have them in London over here – phew!

    How is the P90x going?

  2. Hey Claire! Nice that you are adding a gym! P90X is awesome, I love the fact that it doesn’t require allot of equipment, and you get a really good sweat going pretty easily! Haha, I suppose allot of us do work out to keep warm, the strategy seems to work. Please don’t disappear! Thank you about the hair<3

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