Day off?

Urbanfruitbat is poooooor

Hey Guys!  See that picture up there?  That is what my fridge looked like when I got home from my weekend.  Empty.  I had no choice but to break out the freezer fruit and make ice cream.

Strawberry banana ice cream!!!

I love me some ice cream, but there comes a time when  Bat needs to do some shopping.  There is also a time when a Bat needs to cook and clean.  It was that time for me on Tuesday.  It was my first day “off” after the retreat, so it was time to get shit done get caught up around here!  I started my day with some asana, as well as some computer time.

Good for digestion. And looking sweet.

I then did some laundry, vaccuming, sweeping and floor cleaning, as well as kitchen and bathroom scrubbing.  This place now shines like the top of the Chrysler building.  Then it was off to the Market!  It is currently in between seasons, so the shady bin looked like this;

Shady bin is pooooooor

Which made me sad and almost made me want to sail away to a more plentiful place;

I'm getting outta here

But I did not.  After looking around a little more, I found some good stuff.

Little mandarines, apples, grapes and baby bananas.

Could I go a week without these?!


Next, I had an appointment with a dermatologist.  I have had a rash on my arm for about a month, that appeared out of no where.  So I went to this guy.

Dermatology is a big deal

I did not have time to go home in between the market and my appointment, so I had to take all my fruit to the office with me.  I felt pretty silly…

Urbanfruitbat is hooooomelllleessssss

Here is what the hubub was about;

Um, eew. Sorry guys.

Diagnosis?  Contact Dermatitis.  AKA, you touched something and it gave you a rash.  Thanks guy.  My plan is to coconut butter it all away.  And maybe some of this will help too?

Green ginger goodness

Next, it was time to shop for My Love and My Baby sister!  I got them these things, so that I could make them some things to eat this week.  Their shelves looked as bare as mine did when I got home.  Looks like I have enabled them to helplessness.

So many plants! And other stuff!

I also picked up the replacement blade for Blendy!

New blade!!

All good as new;

I toats fixed blendy up good.

I christened the new blade by making cinnamon sticks into cinnamon powder.  Without Blendy I have had some really chunky cinnamon times.  Needless to say, I am pleased Blendy is back.

Because it is good with everything.

Next, I made some lentils with spinach, onions, garlic, ginger, spices and mustard.  Spicy and bright.

Peas make everything better.

I made roasted eggplant and zucchini dip with sunflower seeds, herbs, spices and lots and lots of garlic, lemon and balsamic vinegar.

I don't think that is enough dip.

I de-apple-crisp-virginized My Love with this lovely creation.  (I know, I can’t believe that he has never had apple crisp in his life either)

It't not burnt. It is awesome.

To finish the day, I made some chocolate peanut butter coconut fudge in the food processor, and stirred that into some oats, raisins and dates for some fudgy oat drop cookies.

Those are some fudge cookies right there. I need a food processor.

After all of that, I needed some home made ginger tea;

Burn-yo-face in a cup.

Along side some sweet sweet goodness.

Those baby bananas are so so awesome.

Do you ever have days off that are not really off?


2 thoughts on “Day off?

  1. Yay! Blendy is fixed, so glad. I kept thinking of you blendy-less every time I washed up the Vitamix. Phew! Great Yoga pose, I am gonna see just how hard that is later on my yoga mat.

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