How to make a lifestyle transition

Hey Guys!  Happy Thursday!  Today, I wanted to change things up around here, and do a little nutritionists advice column.  I hope you like what you read, and that you find it helpful!

How to Transition to a Healthful Life Style

In this Blog, I want to give you a step by step guide on how to go from the diet that you are eating now, to the healthy lifestyle that you want to lead.  The fact of the matter is that change is hard.  Change in such a huge part of your lifestyle, such as the way you eat, is even harder.  But it does not have to be!  Here are my steps to creating a whole new lifestyle, and a whole new you.
Step one; Get a clear vision:
This is the time to set your intention, to decide and state what it is that you want.  Do you want to go vegan?  Raw?  Just eat more balanced?  Increase the amount of fruits and veggies you eat every day?  Get a really smokin bod?  Whatever it is, get clear.  You can’t get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going.
It is in this step that I would encourage you to make a vision board, to write out what a day in the life of your new lifestyle would look like, or just write out exactly what you want.  Setting a clear vision is so valuable, and it is something that you will be able to return to if you are ever struggling to remember why you are making the changes you are making.  Set goals like “feel great in all my clothes” “am eating 10 plus servings of veggies every day” so on and so forth.
Step two; Do your research:
Now that you know what you want, start to research and gather information on how to get there.  If you want to go vegan, read books about vegan nutrition and look up vegan recipes on-line.  Rent books from the library.  Watch Youtube videos.  Get educated.  Knowledge is power and it is the most important thing you can do for yourself before you start making any big changes.
Step Three; Reach out and get support:
This is the time I encourage everyone to get a buddy, or a whole group of buddies!  Encourage your significant other to make the changes with you. Do it with a friend.  Find meet up groups on-line.  Go to Organic Lives (if you live in the wonderful Vancouver of course), we love new buddies!  Find people who are living the life you want to live, and who are making the same changes you are making.  A system of support can be the thing that keeps you on your path when your will power wavers.  Support is so important!  Do no got this alone.

Step Four; Add things!
This is not the time to cut everything out of your diet and start from scratch!  Here is the time to start learning about all the new foods in your new lifestyle that you have never tried before.  Now is the time to broaden your horizons!  Did you know that most people eat the same 10-15 foods over and over again on a daily basis?  That is so minimal! Start branching out.  If your goal is to go vegan, try stopping at a new vegan restaurant and order a full meal.  Try cooking new vegan meals at home.  If your goal is to eat more produce, try a different fruit and a different veggie every week.  Go to farmers markets and discover new foods.  Make this a time of discovery and bounty!
Step Five; Find some substitutions;
In this step, start making simple swap outs in your diet or lifestyle.  Instead of cooking with eggs, use flax eggs.  Instead of having a large serving of mashed potatoes with butter and cream, have steamed then mashed cauliflower with olive oil salt and pepper. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs! This step is not about cutting things out per say, but finding simple swap outs that are more in line with your new lifestyle.
Step Six; Subtract, but only a little bit;
Now is the time to pick one or two foods or lifestyle habits, and cut them out.  Cheese for example.  Alternately, if your goal is veganism, give your self two days a week where you are totally vegan. Cut out your habit of pressing snooze three or four times, so you can get in a quick work out before work. Start to make small changes that greatly effect the whole.  Don’t cut everything from your old lifestyle out all at once, but start to let a few things go.
Step Seven; Subtract allot;
NOW it is the time to really let go of your old habit and start to live your new ones.  By now you have really educated yourself, you have a good group of support, you have widened your horizons, and you have made some swap outs.  Now is the time to go through your fridge and pantry and get rid of everything that does not line up with your new lifestyle.  Now is the time to go full speed ahead!   You have waited long enough, now lets just do it!!
Other important steps; Get moving.  Find an activity or seven that you love, and do it every day.  Physical exercise will make you feel good, healthy and powerful.  It will give you strength and energy.  It is so wonderfully beneficial in all areas of life!  Do make it something that you love to do, if you hate it, find something else!
Keep a journal.  Write down how you are feeling.  Write down how certain foods make you feel.  Write down that you hate the dog barking next door.  Keep track of your journey, keep track of your habits and patterns.  Know that making lifestyle changes is all about breaking old habits and making new ones.  Self knowledge is major power.
Get a mentor.  Find someone who has the results you want, or the information you want, and spend time with this person.  They will provide inspiration.  Get a nutritionist!  Get a personal chef!  Get a life coach! Whatever inspires you to keep moving is the goal here.
Some people can change their lives over night, and that is awesome for them.  Many of us need to transition.  I hope that this simple guide will help empower you to start making the changes you want to make.
Ali ❤

4 thoughts on “How to make a lifestyle transition

  1. Great post Ali! I wish I had known you when I first started out on Raw, would have made things heaps easier. How long did your personal transition take to fruitiness and what were your biggest challenges along the way? Mine took a little over a year and I’m only recently fully fruity. My biggest challenge was eating enough calories from fruit – now people gasp when they see how much I can eat in one sitting and it’s not quite as much as your lovely platters!

  2. Hello! Well if we are talking going from S.A.D to fruity, it was quite a while! I was on the high protein (ie, high meat) diet from grade nine to grade 11, in grade 11 I went vegan, In grade 12 I went raw, and was raw except for a six month stint for five years, I was pretty high fruit for most of my raw days, then around this time last year, I went full force fruity! So I have been transitioning from sad to fruity for about 6 years. But most of my changes, once I made up my mind, where over night ones! My biggest challenges were just figuring out what I wanted to do, but once I knew that it was full steam ahead! I am glad you are eating more and more fruit! Just keep pakin it in there, right?!

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