Weekend Retreat Picture Post number two!

Hey yo guys!  I hope you enjoyed my re-cap from day one.  Here is the re-cap from day’s two and the trip home!

So, Saturday started bright and early!  Mary and I faithfully headed our sleepy butts to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast spread, whilst the retreat peeps did some pranayama.  Pranayama, for those of you who do no know, are yogic breathing exercises.  They can help increase breath capasity, calm you down or energize you, depending on what it is exactly you are doing.

They breathed in the Summer Home

They came back into the main house for a quick practice, and then it was feast time!

My gluten free, dairy free, sugar free chocolate peanut butter muffins! They may sound gross, but people loved them. I swear.

Local eggs, and fruit!

My chocolate and chocolate cherry Macaroons, and my local (from the back yard local) apple, pear and cherry crisp!

After breakfast, some of us headed into Naramata town for the farmers market!


We took the pedo van there.

Isles and Isles of produce grown so close!

This was one booth.

It was literally the weekend of tomatoes.

I ended up with some locally grown grapes ($1.50/ pound, heck yes) and some last of the season strawberries!


We then headed back to the orchard and prepared lunch.  We had  TONNE of food.  And it was awesome.

Locally made tortillas and lettuce

Veggies, raw cheese and locally made tortilla chips!

Hummus, baba ganouge, salsa, guac, left over chicken, left over beet salad

When everyone had eaten their fill, the troops headed out to pick apples for the food bank!  This was the trade off for our weekend.  Scott, the owner, let us stay there for free, and in exchange we helped him to pick his apple quota for the food bank donation he was planning on making just in time for thanks giving.  So wonderful.  When the pickers were sufficently wet from the raining, and all picked out, they came back and Erin led them in a lifes purpose work shop!

During all of that, I was out here;

Wine cellar blogging

Blogging.  I know.  Bad girl.  I just needed some alone time ok!  Then I took my shower, and it was practice time again.

Christie lead us through a really sweaty, beast of a practice, focusing on back bends.  This is how we took it;

We's was dead

Dinner was mostly my creation.  I made a rice/quinoa dish that had soup stock, roasted marrinated tofu and peas, along side roasted and mashed butter nut squash with maple syrup and cinnamon, and lots of fresh veggies.  Mary made a maple glazed salmon.  I was so flustered I did not get a picture of this meal, but here is what my main looked like!

I ❤ peas

Then Mary and I lead a nutrition Q and A, which went better than I thought it would!  There were lots of questions about bread and processed foods, which I think we all know what I had to say about.  Then I made a little more apple crisp for the morning, and we headed to bed!

Sunday started in much the same was as Saturday, we made breakfast whilst they breathed, and then the hords came to nosh on fruit and pastries, eggs and bread.
They went picking again, whist I spent some quality time with my computer.  Christie then lead another awesome practice, and Mary and I served our lunch of left overs!

Beet, carrot, apple, ginger orange juice

Fruit, treats, tea and salad

Hogpog dip mixed with the grain salad I made

Again with the peas, I know I know.

It was silent lunch for everyone to sit and reflect on the weekend.  We closed the weekend with out thoughts, and Mary and Iwere gifted with these amazing Malla Beads!!

The large stone is for protection.

We packed up and cleaned up, said good bye to all the guests, loaded our many many things back into the tiny Jeep and we were home bound!

The weekend was an awesome experience, and it gave me confidence that I can cook for a crowed!  If you are in the Vancouver area and want to go to Niamata for next weekend, please shoot me an e-mail and I will see if I can hook you up!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Retreat Picture Post number two!

  1. Oh, goodness, you food just gets better and better. Such gorgeous dishes! They must have felt like the most lucky people in the world to be blessed with such amazing food, yoga and beautiful surroundings. Great post!

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