Weekend Away Picture Post one

Hello and happy start to a brand new week in this brand new month!

I was away from home, way up in the Okanogan valley area of British Columbia this weekend!  I was cooking for a friends yoga retreat, and it was so much fun!

It all started on Thursday.  We were meant to leave around 3:00, but the vehicle we were taking ended up needing new breaks!  So, by the time the car was fixed and all the girls were picked up (there were five of us ladies in the jeep, it was…cozy) we didn’t get out-of-town until around 5:30.  All was going well, until our faithful driver (named Erin, who was the co-leader of our weekend) decided to take the scenic route.  Which ended up being the really dark, really crowded with semi trailers with their high beams on, really windy, bathroomless road to terror.  It was one heck of a white knuckler, but we arrived around 11 pm, stuffed our faces (they had quesadillas, I had mangoes and oranges) and promptly crashed out.

Friday, we got to actually take a look at the place!  It is a little orchard in the Naramata area, and it is SO cute!

Main living area in the main house. The orange sleeping bag is where I crashed night on

Just your everyday view from bed. A beautiful porch complete with apple orchard as far as the eye can see.

Mary and I's home away from home. The kitch.

The meditation cave- also knows around these parts as the summer home, because it is not heated

This is the wine cellar. It was also my bed room for night number two!

After we all got up and got organized, my friend Christie, Erin – who were leading the weekend, Mary the other cook and I went into town to get the food we needed for the weekend.  We first got some peaches from a local provider;

Actually, they tasted BETTER than they look. Which is sayin somthin.

We also stopped at the home of a lady ome who grows veggies in her back yard to sell.  It was amazing!

Just your average everyday backyard

The most amazing tomatoes I have eaten in my life. Ever. Fact.

I got tomatoes, onions, many herbs, egg-plant, butternut squash, some zucchini and carrots from her.  Then we headed to Safeway for the rest of our loot.

After all of that it was time to start cooking!

Mary made two lasagne – one with cheese, one with a seed cheese that I made.  She made the sauce with stewed tomatoes and other sautéed veggies, and added lots of the local veggies we got to it as well!  Rice noodles were used in place of regular.

Cheesy guy

Seedy guy

I helped her make a beet, apple, carrot salad;

Hello beets! So pretty and purple!

And that was dinner!

I made humus, baba ganouge, guacamole, peanut butter chocolate muffins (gluten-free if you can dig it!), chocolate macaroons, chocolate cherry macaroons and apple crisp!  That was all made for Saturdays b-fast, so you are just going to have to wait until tomorrow to see all the pictures of that!

Since all our guests had now arrived, Mary, Erin and I had to move to the wine cellar to sleep.

Wine cellar bed room

It was cold, but it was alright.  We are troopers!

So, that was retreat day one!  See you back here tomorrow for the day two re-cap!


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