Life is abundant

Hello and happy Monday friends!!

I have to admit, I have been really really lucky in my life.  I am always talking about how this fruity lifestyle is about abundance.  I am usually referring to food, in that I do not believe in restricting your food when you are eating whole foods.  But sometimes it is just regular life that is abundant!

The weekend of abundant love kicked off with this;

My parents gave me monies for a new computer!!!!

Which then turned into this!

Two boxes full of things!

One of them was my New Compy!!  I am so so so excited about this guy.  Not more over heating and shutting down in the middle of my life, yay!  (my old compy, bless his heart, was really bad for shutting down all the time.)

Isn't he so sleek

Then I opened the white box, and these were inside;

No one in my house can pronounce the name of these properly

Wasa Crisps that I won from Averie’s blog!  Thank you Averie for fighting for me!The company sent me a lovely note too.  My Love and Baby Sister are enjoying them with this;

Hurray for vegan lentil dahl!!

My love then treated my to a new pair of shoes;

Now I don't look homeless! Yay!

I had NONE that did not have something broken on them.

Of course fruity abundance was a part of my life as well!  My love bought me these;

That is one gigantic bag of figs right therr

And I found all of these!

Strawberries, cherries and sugar apple. OMGGAWWD

I indulged, as per usual.

Millions of fruits anyone?!

Too much yum to even handle.

So you see, if you believe in abundance, abundance will believe in you.  Take the time to be thankful for what you have, and you will always have more than you need.


5 thoughts on “Life is abundant

  1. Oh yum! Love the new shoes and new computer too, lucky Gal’. Well you have a lot to answer for! I tried adding the mango to what was going to be a carob banana and mango smoothie, but Hubby and I couldn’t resist it minus the carob and ended up eating the whole thing carob-less. Mango and banana has become our new favorite combo, thank you, thank you. Now I have to go find more mangoes and pray they come back in season real soon in the UK.

  2. Hey there… congrats on all your wonderful gifts. One question. Do you eat citrus year round? I love citrus and it seem its alway on your wonderful fruit plates. Just wondering does the citrus taste yummy year round? Thanks!!

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