Today’s juice is brought to you by the color beet.

Good day peeps!

Today is Baby Sisters B-day!  I am having a hunch that the celebration may last for a few days, so expect tonnes of good happy happy joy joy photos in the future!

As for now, I will show you my Tuesday!

I woke up at the crack of dawn;

Perhaps is just felt like the crack of dawn...

And had a little cardio party with Tony;

Those are wacky jacks. They're wacky but they are gorgeous.

Then it was time for some awesome domestic chores.  Like bathroom cleaning and this thing;

Our laundry consists of 99% My Loves socks.

After all that, I took to the streets, where the morning dew was still fresh, and walked to my first yoga therapy assist class!

Seriously magical garden

It was an interesting experience.  For my yoga therapist training, I have to do quite a few assists with my teachers.  That just means that I show up to their classes every week and help them teach.  Mostly I am there to help set up props, help beginners find their alignment in posters that they are unfamiliar with, and generally supervise and learn.  I think it is an awesome way for us students to get our feet wet with teaching, without actually being responsible for a group of students.

After all that fun was done, it was market time!

Yay for the little market!

I bought myself many plants;

Why hello little plants! Happy to see you.

I then decided it was JUICE TIME!

Pre juice. Not knowing what is commin to em.

Post plant killing juice;

The beet makes it so pretty!

Juice gave me the power to venture to G-ville Island, just in case there were any deals to be had.  I found a few;

Apricots are so so yummy. I take them every time.

I was meant to assist another class at six, so I donned my flip-flops and ventured all the way back to my yoga studio.  Once there I discovered that my instructor had the flu, and there would be no class!  So so so much walking my friends!  I said a little prayer that she would feel better, and got myself a tea so that I would feel better;

It was ginger and it was yummy.

I got home with more time on my hands than I had expected, so to stave off some boredom, My love and I indulged in watchin some “Chef at Home” and bootch drinking;

Me and bootch have a thing going on.

And then it was biggest meal of the day time!!!  I was so excited, remember my melon?

looks like a honeydew from the outside...

I just cut him in half;

But like a cantaloupe on the innards!

I scooped out the seeds and made my all important melon pudding;

Always my most favorite part.

Peeled off the skins;

Oh so pretty, and even more tasty

Then sat him next to all the other fruity guys I was going to eat!


Then I called it a night.

Do you ever had days “off” that feel more like days “on”?  How much do you love un expected additions to your fruit plates?

I am off to do some yoga then make some special treats for the Birthday Baby!


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