Monday, Monday

Good day Fruity Friends!  How has the week been treating you so far?

Yesterday, I woke up and spent some quality time with T-Horts and his buddy Andrea.  We worked out our legs and our backs and it was awesome.  And Burny.

He hates my legs. I know because he destroyed them.

I lifted these scary things;

What? Five pounders aren't scary to you? Ppfffttt

After that, I cleaned myself up, because we all know spending any amount of time with T-Horts will leave you a sweaty beast.  Then it was time to spend copious amount of time  an eight and a half hour time period here;

That's my work!!

It was pretty busy (well, as busy as six tables and a few bar seats can get I suppose) from around 12:30 until I left I eight.  Many people love to eat raw food!  I think it is cool to educate people who have never been there before.  Most people are totally blown away.  And confused.  But that is ok, I forgive them.  On my break I had somma this;

Green juice in the Green grass.

And somma this;

Liquid sunshine. My body was smiling.

After work, I was text talking with my Baby Sister.  She said she could meet me walking on the way home from work.  But you see, she was ALL THE WAY down on Granville Island.  Normally we meet on 10th ave, but since she was down by the water, she suggested we meet on 7th.  Only not good can come from breaking routine my friends;


What happened?  We don’t even know!

How, how HOW did we end up in Whole Foods!?

We were walking by.  It was on the way.  I still don’t know how our powers of resistance are so weak.  Whole Foods wins every time. We indulged ourselves here;

The bootch wall makes my heart happy.

Ginger makes my tummy happy;


After we loosed ourselves from the grip of Whole Foods, we ventured home.  It was dinner time.  This is all I had;

Only all the things a little Fruitbat could wish for.

Along with my token vat of berry tea;

There is no amount of tea that will quench my thirst.

The best part?  I got this from work!

We are so happy to be together

We will talk more about that little guy tomorrow.  For now, I must go get shit done complete the days tasks!

Much love


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