Ok guys, here you go

Hello friends!

As you may or may not know My Love and My Baby Sister are not one hundred percent fruitbats like I am.  This means that every two weeks or so I set out making them some raw desserts and other savory things to keep them sustained in between the fruit that they do eat.  Many readers have expressed interest in seeing what I make them.  I really do not want this to turn into a high fat raw dessert recipe blog, but alas it is a part of my life, so I think I am ok with sharing.  Since you asked.

I will tell you I make all this stuff up.  I do not follow recipes, nor do I measure anything.  I get inspired, sometimes by things we make at work, other times by real cooked desserts, and other times just by ingredients themselves.  I will not be including actual recipes here, just general guidance as to what I did.  And pictures, because really, is that not the point?

So!  This Tuesday was cook day for me, (that is what we call it, even though most of what I do is un-cook.  Oh well)  and it started on a disastrous note!  My blendy blew out smoke!  My love, after doing this to blendy;

Blendy surgery.

Said that this was that part that is broken;

It does not turn so much anymore.

With no Blendy (sad face!!) I had to use the Magic Bullet to do all my blending.  It was alright though, I survived.

For the stuff I was making I needed these things;

Oats, coconut, cacao, carob, cane sugar, cinnamon, salt, oranges, matcha powder and apple cider vinegar

And these things;

Dates and dried bananas!

I started off with the intention of making a peanut butter and banana cheese cake with a chocolate crust.

I made the crust with oats, coconut, sunflower seeds, raw cane sugar, cinnamon, salt, raw cacao powder, orange zest and juice and dates.  I blended that dry stuff into a powder, then mixed it all up and pressed it into a pie pan;

A little bit dry and crumbly like cookie crust, a lot a bit chocolaty.

Next, for the filling.  Remember the bananas I dried?


I blended them into a powder, added peanut butter, raw cane sugar, apple cider vinegar (this is what makes it taste cheese cake like), salt, dates and finely ground coconut;

Peanut butter pie. Oh Yes.

Here is a slice;

See that crumbly crust?!

For my next project I was aiming to please Baby Sister.  She is a matcha fiend (if you don’t know, matcha is green tea powder), and had been begging me to make this dessert for quite some time.  It is called matcha loaf, and is made with a carob coconut crust, and a matcha coconut filling. My parents blessed us with some matcha powder when they were here to visit, so matcha loaf it was!

I made the crust with coconut,  powdered oats,  powdered sunflower seeds, raw cane sugar, raw carob powder, orange zest, cinnamon, salt and dates.  I pressed that into a loaf pan;

Like a macaroon, but carob not cacao

For the matcha filling, I blend coconut so that it is almost coconut butter, dates, raw cane sugar, orange juice and zest, salt and of course matcha!  Then I put that into the crust and it is done.

You know you are healthy when you eat green for dessert...

Here is a cross section;

No such thing as to much loaf

For my last trick, it was white chocolate chip short bread cookie time!

I blended oats, sun seeds and coconut until they were broken up but still slightly chunky.  I did not want them fully blended for this one.  I then added chopped white chocolate chips, (You can get these vegan, just look for ones labeled “pure”, because that is what we vegans are, right?) raw cane sugar, carob powder, orange juice and zest, cinnamon powder salt and dates.  I formed the dough then cut them out into little heart shapes;

Aww, little hearts! Kinda...

I left half the dough, so that I could add more dates and cacao powder to it.  These were really wet after I added the dates, so I just scooped them;

Chocolate and white chocolate?! Something for everyone

Here are the finished cookies;

Little chocolate guy!

And the heart ones;

Baby Sister was un-impressed with my cookie cutting skills.

And that was it!  Cook day was complete.

All together now!

So what do you think?  Are you interested in seeing these things every once in a while?  Do you want more detail as to how I make them?  Or do you just want me to stick to fruity things around here?  Let me know, I am open!


7 thoughts on “Ok guys, here you go

  1. Mmmm the peanut butter pie looks amazing!! I found a recipe for raw vegan cheesecake but i like your pie better because it isn’t as nut based. (I’m all for nuts but come on, there are other ingredients in the world) I might try my hand at something like that the next time I get an urge for dessert! Inspiration!

  2. Wow! These all look amazing, so beautiful. It is really sweet and generous that you make so much gorgeous, creative treats for your loved ones. I wanna come live with you! Hubby and I are really into a low fat pudding right now made of bananas blended with a little carob and mesquite plus chopped oranges mixed in – yum! Thanks for sharing, like a little online potluck!

  3. Ooh, I feel the need for a mango one this weekend – three spotty mangoes queuing up to be first in the blender. Thanks for the top tip, sounds yummy! I’ll keep ya posted.

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