Just Another Manic Monday

Hello and welcome to Tuesday all my fine feathered fruity friends!

Yesterday was my last day in a string of busy days.  I tend to be one of those kind of people who thrive on activity.  If I have to many days in a row where I am purely self-directed, I go a little loopy.  Structure is good for me!  That must be why I like P90X so much.  I don’t have to figure out my own work outs.  Just do what T-Horts says.  Speaking of T-Horts, my Monday started with a sweat sesh with him;

Yeah, my ab's are as good as Tony's. What, what?!

It was awesome.  I felt my six-pack bulging out of my shirt after I was done.

I then looked at My Loves box of bananas;

Not rotten! Ripe! Ripe!

and decided he could sacrifice a few to the raw dezzie pile, so I cut them up and put them on dehydrator trays;

All pretty on their little trays

I also made myself a vat of tea to ice and drink later after work; (after writing this, I went and made myself one for today too.  Serious.Iced.Tea.Addict)


I then donned my clown shoes;

They are actually Baby Sisters. My broken runners are worse, trust me, clown feet>broken homeless shoes

Cracked the spine of my current read;

Martha Beck has had the most craycray life. You should read her books.

And hi ho hi ho it was off to work I walked.  I have been moved to the Front of House department at work, so yesterday was my first day at work at my old job! (I was working manufacturing before.  Just allot of grunt work and no customer interaction)  I mostly peeled and chopped bananas and oranges for freezing, and washed other produce that was needed for juice bar for my first few hours.  We were expecting two large parties for the evening, so I quickly ran away went on my break so that I would be back in time to help out with that.  My little snack;

The ginger in that green juice burnt my face and belly. Burnt it so good. And yes, the machete was necessary.

Then, a MILLION PEOPLE CAME!  I am happy to report that it all went surprisingly smooth!  My bosses stayed, and we had some real machines on staff.  To my surprise, I actually felt helpful!  I learned the computer pretty easily, and how to run food and orders and bus and what not.  I have to admit it was actually pretty fun!  Serving is like being a host at a party, you worry about the quality of service and what you are serving them, and that everyone is happy, but you also just get to chill and chat with people!  I think I am going to like my new old job.

After my shift was over, my Baby Sister came to walk me home.  It was a beautiful night, perfect for walking, cool and refreshing air, quiet streets and a big bright moon.  We get to walk past some pretty lovely neighborhoods here in V-town on our way home.  Last night a few of the Heritage Houses were all aglow!

It's not on fire I swear, just my poopy camera.

When I got home I got My Love to soak the dates that I got from the lovely people at my work;

They don't call me fruit bat at work, but Amazing Ali will do I guess. Thanks Lucie! (ps, check her out here http://imsorawkin.blogspot.com/)

They will be used in today’s dessert making extravaganza.

Made my fruit plate;

I seriously Heart my life

I saved all my guavas for one day.  They are the best, and they were saved for last.

Little Guys! They were SOOOOO good.

We then cuddled up on the floor for copious amounts of Top Chef Just Desserts.  It is horrible and the best all at once.

Now, it is time for me to go make food!  Stay tuned for a re-cap of all the little treats on Thursday, mkay?

Do you thrive on structure?  Or do you do better when you can self direct your own life?


11 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday

  1. I definitely need some structure! Loose structure, I guess :). My free time is very important, too. I’ve been unemployed AND out of school for awhile, and it’s amazing how un productive a person can become.

    If you love P90X, I’m about to start a rotation of Cathe Friedrich’s STS. It’s somewhat similar, but Tony was too much for me for long periods of time. ChaLEAN Extreme is great, too (from Beachbody, as well), but it hurt my wonky SI Joint. I loved it while I could :).

  2. Wow, out of school and work! Lucky girl!I have heard of STS, but never tried it, and I know lots of people who love ChaLEAN! She is pretty awesome. I am sorry to hear about your SI joint! That is a real bummer, have you tried yoga at all?

  3. the ONLY way to make dehyd bananas is with REALLY RIPE bananas. i learned the hard way that if you dont, they are just…not nearly as good.

    i almost never make them anymore b/c i just hate running my dehyd…forever. either that or slicing ALL THOSE bananas paper thin!

  4. YESSS ripe nanners are the best. I don’t know how people eat them any other way. They just taste funny when they’re unripe. (Duh. Nature’s trying to tell us something)
    Also oooohmygod I wish I got three pounds of personally labelled dates from my work. I still have to pay nine dollars a pound for the crappy dried ones 😥 OH and that’s including discount. Also I wish I worked at a raw food restaurant. Organic lives is all raw, right? Or is it just high raw? I think that’s like, what I miss about Van. You’ve got so many vegan/raw restaurants, whereas Calgary doesn’t have any vegan restaurants and the vegetarian ones are heavy on the soy and/or grains or they’ve got animal products in them. Sometimes I just want a really good salad and I can’t really get one here, unless I go with some garlicky roasted tahini dressing that tooootally goes against clean eating. Not the end of the world but I certainly don’t feel as good as I do when I eat simple salads (mixed herbs, cherry tomatoes and lime being one of them), or even when I just eat raw foods, even if it is gourmet.

  5. Oh Steph! Are you in Calgary?! I am so sorry! We moved to V town from Calgary and if I never have to go back there, it will be too soon! The Coup makes a nice salad, and I just ask for it with salsa instead of dressing! So good! You are very right about the nanners. Sorry about your sad dates!

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