My weekend was yoga

Good Monday all you out there!  How was your weekends?  Anything awesome happen?

I had an awesome weekend.  It was my first yoga therapy workshop weekend, and it was awesome.

It all started Saturday morning, at an hour that not even V-Town is up at.

It looked allot more twilight-esque in real life... Also, that is not a real bird in the corner, that is a Cravin.

The streets were actually quiet.

I hung out with my pal T-Horts,

This love is serious.

We did some Kempo Karate.  Let us suffice it to say that sweat was burning my batty eyes, and I was pleased.

After the sweat fest, I journeyed to this magical place.

Ooooooh, qi.

It is the Qi house here in Van city.  I had an awesome day of learning about what we yoga therapists do for those of you who have arthritis.  I learned so much, the very best of which was how to avoid getting arthritis in your toes;

If you don't stretch your toes, they will be mad at you later on

On my way home some mysterious forces lead me to the place where paychecks go to die;

What!? How did I get here?!

I looked at the wall of bubbly awesomeness;

Can you hear my wallet whimpering?

and a shelf of watering mouths melons;

I just wanted them all.

I have no powers of resistance.

Wut?! How did you get here?!

To accompany my bootch, I also had some home-made green juice.  I did celery, spinach, lemon, ginger, cucumber and apple.  So good.

Dinner was delish.

Heck yessss watermelon!

Next, I just hung out with My Love, watched Top Chef Just Desserts (um, totally awesome.) and then it was off to dream land for this little bat.

Sunday came with its mellow energy, and I was grateful.  I took my walk to the magical place;

Walking the streets I always walk. Not workin em, keep your minds free from gutters.

We did a practice  geared for helping with arthritis from the Desikachar lineage of viniyoga, and it was awesome.  We then did a short review of ayurveda to prepare for our afternoon.

Our afternoon was a four-hour lecture by a man called Todd Caldecott, and it was AMAZING!  He is an ayurveda master, and a master he was!  I learned so much from him in the short four hours, all of it so interesting! (seriously, I sat totally engaged for four hours, can you even imagine that?)  This is the book he gave us;

Ayurveda is not so down with raw foods, but I will forgive them.

He has others, but they are a touch more advanced than our program requires.  I am considering looking into them for myself though.  Ancient wisdom has a way of making my buzz with excitement.

I left yoga therapy training bouncing off the walls.  This always happens to me when I do things that are what I should be doing.  I can always tell I am on the right path when my body and mind feel like they are floating.

On my trek home, I stopped off at this little market;

I got the most amazing peach I have ever tasted from this market last summer. Ah memories

It was a touch out of my price range, and I had to fight with all of my might not to take 455 at least one of these;

Wrapped up all pretty-like!

They did have a shady bin;

Hidin under there, all cute and stuff.

I was not really in the mood for any of it.  Alas, my trip was un-fruitful so to speak, but that is what happens sometimes.

When I got home it was medicine time;

You do remember the foam to quality ratio, don't you?

I rested, ate this amazing dinner;

I only eat food if it is in abundance. 🙂

and then dragged my pooped bat self to my bed.

This weekend was so fantabulous.  I feel totally inspired and revved up about yoga and life!  I cannot wait to do more studying, and to see where this awesome journey is going to lead me!

How do you know when you are on the “right path” for you?  Do you get a special feeling or knowing?  Do you follow your intuition?  Tell me your stories.


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