What I ate and what I got

It’s the weekend bats!  How are you celebrating?

I will be hauled up at the Qui center all this weekend, doing my first Yoga Therapy workshop!  I am very excited, and will come back to you with a re-cap on Monderday, ok peeps?

For today, lets look at some of the yummies I have been attacking over the last few days;

Fruit tastes better outside.

This was a lovely snack that I enjoyed at work.  Oranges and the most amazing plums!  They are french plums, and even the skins are sweet.   I often find the skins of plums to be SO SOUR, but these were sweet as sweet.

Kinda neked, kinda not.

The color contrast from the outside to the inside was photo worthy.  At least that is what I felt.  Take it or leave it.

Another photo worthy meal?


Blackberry (home foraged, thank you very much) and banana ice cream!

So pretty for its picture

This ice cream was honestly the best I can ever remember having.  It was silky smooth because of the creamy white bananas, with the slight tang from the black berries.  The bananas were perfectly ripe and offered the most amazing sweetness, and the little seeds from the black berries gave a welcome textural contrast with their crunch.

I ate the worlds most perfect ice cream with the worlds most cutest and ripest apricots;

The smoshed one was my fav. Just sayin.

All together;

Little fruity family

As for market steals, I got myself some token oranges;

Hey Guys!!

I am considering getting myself a whole case of oranges for next week, because lets not be modest.  I could eat a whole case.

No summer fruit! Please don't leave me!

I got myself some one dalla cherries (thanks papa!).  These are amazing and I actually don’t understand why many of them are in there.  They are perfect.  I love you shady bins.  I love you.

See, apricots and plums can co-exist peacefully.

Finally and just for good measure, I got myself some apricots and plums.  I am sad to say that their season is dwindling fast, and I will soon have to bid them bye-bye.  Alas, I have at least one more week!

Have you been enjoying the last of the seasons bounty?  Any awesome food you want to tell me about?

I am off to yoga myself, have an awesome weekend friends!


6 thoughts on “What I ate and what I got

  1. I used my champion juicer instead of a blender, but you could use a blender for sure! The juicer just whips it up really nicely, so it is more like soft serve ice cream is all. But other than that, no, just bananas and black berries!

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