Something for everyone

Welcome to Friday all!  The weekend approaches!  Are you going to make it in one piece?

Last night, my parents treated us to the promise land;

Angels were singing.

It was a Whole Foods night.  Neither of my parents had ever been, so Baby Sister, My Love and I took it upon ourselves to show them where organic foods all congregate to feed the rich masses.  Either that or we took them there because Dad agreed to pay, and really, when else can we afford dinner at Whole Pay cheque Whole Foods?

To start our meal, My mother and I took to this place;

All the juice, none of the clean up. Yes.

We got carrot, ginger, celery and cucumber juices.  They were so good.  Also so carroty;

So many healing things!

Next it was this place for Baby Sister, My Love and papa;

Hot Bar Fun Times.

This was where I did my foraging.

All the produce makes me a happy bat

Look at the neat Passion Fruits!

So tempting!

My Love enjoyed this box;

Pakora Balls, Rice, roasted veggies

Baby Sister munched this;

Pakora Balls, Dhal, Rice, and all the roasted veggies that were not mixed with chicken

Mother took nothing but juice.  I will never understand.

New Bootch was had;

Chai, and the cutest Baby Sister. Papa in the back

Gingerberry and a scary Bat

I chose watermelon to devour.  Which I consumed in a very lady like manner.

What is there to caption, really.

I actually ate it like this.

Real lady like. I even crossed my ankles. But I removed my lace gloves to avoid getting them stained.

We all left the table pleasantly full (except for Mom) and humming with joy at the wonderful world of choice that we all abide in.

Parents, I hope you had fun at the place where everyone in V-City eats.  I know that I did.

Do you like Whole Foods?  Is there anywhere in your town that you always take the people who are staying with you?


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