Many meals

Hey guys!
Today I wanted to show you what I have been eating over the past couple of days.  I love to look at what others are eating, so I figured other people probably feel interested too!

I like them stringy sprouts!

I had this little gem of a snack plate after our road trip on Monday.  It was SO yummy!

Those tomatoes legit blew my mind

Those little heirloom tomatoes were so unbelievably flavorful.  The season is passing friends.  If you can find some of these in your area, run do not walk.

I love and live for big plates

This was a snack out!  My parents were in town, and took Baby Sister, My Love and I out to eat.  We went to a vegetarian buffet, and they had many nice things for me to choose from!  The cantaloupe was especially good.

This next little ditty blew my mind;

That's right. Its a papaya. I know, I know.

My work gives its employees a free lunch every day (I know right!  And I get a free juice every day too!  They are the best).  In the staff fridge this week was a WHOLE PAPAYA that no one else wanted. (um, I know I can’t understand at all)  So you know I was all over that shit amazingness!  It was organic and perfectly ripe.  I drool, I drool.

I am going through a cherry phase, and I am proud of it.

My meals have looked much like this lately.  I have lots of oranges, mangoes, apricots and cherries, with a little fig thrown in for good measure.

My eating is really so simple.  This lifestyle is really so simple.  My point in posting this post was to show just how easy this life can be! (As well as colorful and vibrant)  Just eat lots and lots of good fruit!  Take some green juice and water, and some physical activity every day and you have got it made.  Never having to cook, or plan meals or clean dishes is amazing.  So uncomplicated.  So blissful.

I am on day three of P90X, for those of you who are interested, and I am loving it.  I love having a plan and a schedule, and I love love love T-Horts. (Tony Horton, the creator of P90X)  Over all I am just excited to see how fit I will get!

Have you been eating great fruit lately?


4 thoughts on “Many meals

  1. I have a ripe, fragrant pineapple waiting for me tomorrow morning. I don’t know how I’ll sleep. Also I’m totally eating eight cantaloupes tomorrow. Gotta get those calories in 🙂

  2. Hey Ali, Your meals look great and so vibrant! I love looking at what other people eat too 🙂 . I was wondering, do you measure your calories or do you not feel the need to anymore and how many times a day do you get hungry and eat your meals – your meals look so abundant. I love juices in the mornings like you, then I seem to be eating 3 or 4 smaller meals, but would love to know how the bigger meals work for you and how you fit them in! Thanx, Claire x

  3. Hey Claire! I still count my cals, just to make sure I am getting enough. I love bigger meals, I have never been a small meals several times a day kinda girl, but you have to do what is best for you! And yes, this lifestyle is all about abundance! Eat as much as you feel!! That is what makes it the best ever.

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