Bats in the car!

Hello all!

I hope that you are all readjusting to life not on holidays.  Did you get up to anything fun or awesome?

What does a bat do on a stat holiday?  My day began in an extreme way;

T-Horts is legit my hero.

I recovered the green way.

Spinach, cuc, celery, apple, lemon and ginger that burnt my face.

Next, it was time for me to do something that I have not done in forever.

Heck yes I own denim.

I put on real big girl clothes!  Yeah I did!  I did it because My Love and I decided we were going to Coquitlam.  We have had a Planet Organic (organic grocery store chain here in Canada) gift certificate burning a hole in my wallet since Christmas, and it was begging to be spent.  Coquitlam has the closet Store to us, which is about a 45 minute drive from Vancouver.

My Love and I boarded the busiest bus ever, to take us to our friends Jenn and Scott’s house, so we could borrow their car for our journey;

We couldn't believe we were in a car.

On our way there, got lost a little.  This does not look like a city;

Looks like a dirt road to me...

We did manage to make it though!  It took us 1.5 hours.  Memer how I said it should take 45 mins?  Oh well.

We shopped to our hearts content, and we spent our whole gift card.  Mission accomplished.

The journey home required fuel;

Vegan Indian balls and samosa for him, ginger chews for me!

And S-Bucks;

This was then spilled into my lap. No scars though, so we are ok.

We magically made it all the way home in one piece (more amazing than you might think…) with all our loot;

Organic PB, Honey, Dulse flakes, cacao powder, fluoride free tooth paste, Brazil nuts and a cantaloupe!

My Love also got a box of bananas from IGA , to fuel his P90X workouts!

We are scared there will be spidies!!

That is what two bats do on a statutory holiday.  What did you guys do?

Any body interested in my tracking my P90X progress here, or do you care?


6 thoughts on “Bats in the car!

  1. I didn’t find any spidies in my case of organic nanners so I think you should be fine with yours. Idk if spidies like unripe fruit, and nanners aren’t ever ripe when I first get them. It’s kind of ridiculous. The store I work at takes out the “imperfect looking” bananas (as in, OH SHIT THERE ARE THREE SPOTS, BE GONE SICKLY NANNER, not SHIT IT’S BLACK… SMOOTHIE, ANYONE? They took them to the back and if people ask we’ll sell them for 50% off) and put green-y yellow-y ones out instead because they’re prettier. Then we got green ones, so we put the green ones out. As in we have ripe ones but we put out the unripe to the point that it’s toxic shit. It’s ridiculous. Maybe if we had like, some of the “over-ripe” spotty ones, some yellow ones and some green ones so people could choose I wouldn’t be freaking out (though I’m not really freaking out but I don’t know what else to say) and people could choose but I kid you not, the whole selection is filled with green bananas and last time I checked the bananas were like, 98% green.

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