All he wanted were pancakes.

Yesterday, twenty some years ago, Sunshine entered the world.  That’s right, it was My Loves birth anniversary!  It was a day of celebration, and it was so much fun.

To get things started, we did the one thing that is guaranteed to make My Love the happiest camper in all the camps in all the sites in all the world.

So many white chocolate chipssssssss. There were stomach aches.

Pancake time.  I made him some vegan, white chocolate chip pancakes with a caramel syrup.

After the pancake festivities, we packed ourselves up (in a rush, because we slept in a wee bit to late) and hurried to…

It was SO sunny! Yay for V-Town

The little farmers market!

Baby Sister got some market monies;

I think Market Monies are neat.

And we looked at all the amazing stuff!

Zombie Tomatoes


A million Tomatoes!

We set ourselves a picnic, complete with two types of humus and raw veggie crackers;

One regular, one creole!

Garden carrots and a peach;

Look at the size of those things!

I got myself some heirloom tomatoes, a cucumber and a tiny little zucchini!

AMAZING! That is the only caption I've got

All together now;

Heck yes we can make a picnic. We didn't eat Baby Sisters feet though, so don't worry.

Tomatoes were marveled;

So small. So tomato. I don't love tomatoes more than my boyfriend.

Carrots were savored;

Can you stand her adorableness? I cannot.

Cucumbers were crunched.

It actually had taste!

Birthday boys were majestic;

And artfully photographed.

We then headed back to the apartment for a lazy afternoon of tea, old Top Chef episodes, and general lying about.

For the crowning glory of the day, the candle ceremony!


Did you really think we would do something other than durian?

Birthday treat or super weapon?

He had one girlfriend!


Happy birthday My Love, I hope that is next year is as special as you are.



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