This weeks wheels and deals

Alright people!  We made it!  Just one more day to do and it is the weekend.

I actually get to have this weekend off, and I am just so confused.  I haven’t had a whole weekend off for a long time, so what I am going to end up doing with myself, well that is anyones guess.  It will most likely involve some shopping.

Speaking of shopping, (like my Segway, eh, eh?)  I did that this week!  I got some wicked deals too!

I actually like the yellow ones more than the red ones

I spotted these two enormous bags of cherries, and was absolutely positive they had to be mine.  I know that the season is winding down (uber sad face) and that there may not be very many more moments of cheep cherry cheer.  For a dollar a bag, I was in.

As per usual, I got all the shady mangoes that were available.

So spotty. So yummy. So much room in my fridge taken up.

Mango ice cream anyone?

This magical mix was mangoes and blackberries. And also spatula. But I did not eat that. Or blend it.

I also scored this awesome bag of apricots, peaches and one lone plum!  I LOVE apricots with a passion.  This passion was only discovered this summer, but it is growing strong.  Young love is always the best, no?

AAAAWWWWW YYYEEEEAAAAPPPPRRICOTS. I changed it up there. Did you catch that? I put apricot at the end.

Those were the deals of the week.

Something rather out of the ordinary took place during this weeks shopping adventures too, I must tell you.

I actually paid full price for a few items.

I know.  I can’t believe it either.  I will pause for a second so that you can go collect yourselves and your world views.

You already know about the longhans that I lovingly carried all the way home from T&T, so that should not come as much of a surprise to you;

These crazy guys!

But there was one more thing.  These;

Strawberry guavas make me pay so much money.

I love them.  So much.  And I spent an irresponsible fortune on them.  That is o.k though, on account of I love them.

That’s it for me!  It is Labour Dabor Weekend around these parts, so I am going to take a wild guess and say that G-Ville Island will be super packed with tourists.  Groceries may have to wait until later in the week.

Did you score any sweet deals this week?  Any big plans for the long weekend?


4 thoughts on “This weeks wheels and deals

  1. I think I prefer the yellow ones too. Rainier cherries are da
    AAAAAAH YEAAAAAPRICOTS are awesome. I didn’t think I liked them much either until I tried some really ripe ones that dripped down my arm when biting into them. Freaking amazeballs.
    I really want to try guavas.

  2. this looks like a delish fruit platter O.O!!! I’ll always get so appetized after reading your posts that I am directly craving some fresh mangos or other exotic fruits… damn, I just have them dried in stripes – anyway, that will work *off to satisfy her craving* – thanks fruitbat :p

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