Happy Thursday to one and to all!  We are almost at the weekend, wahhhh  hooooo!

This week, after a particularly stressful day at work (I blended a spatula into a batch of raw brazil nut cheese… it was an expensive mistake, let me tell you,) at least our garbage is well fed… I felt as though I needed a little pick me up.  So, as any fruitbat worth her salt would do, I shlepped my sorry self to this place;

It is dynamite.

T&T asian market!  I love love love going to T&T.  They have such neat things.  If you are into asian cooking at all, T&T can hook you up with anything you may be looking for.  And a bunch of really weird stuff you will probably never be looking for.

I, of course, was going for the fruit.  They have a very wide assortment of things, from apples and oranges, to more exotic items.  Some things I found when I was there;

I know right, that is a mango!

These GIGANTIC what I believe were Korean mangoes.  I have never tasted one, but they were just so HUGE!

Does a melon lover ever tier of melons?

Some cool looking melons.  I have had one before, and they are very similar to cantaloupe.  Yum.

These look like they would beat you up.

A large pile of super gnarly looking tangerines.  They are most likely so good though.

Temptation in frozen form

DURIAN!  But alas, not my reason for being there.  Durian day will be this weekend.

All those things were neat, but the real reason I came?  My truest heart and stomachs desire?

Those bad boys!

Longhan fruit!  These tiny guys are grown in South and East Asia, with a taste and texture very similar to Lychee.  I prefer the taste of longhan to lychee myself, but they, that is just me.

It had been a long time since I had last had longhan, and I was very excited to take my old friends home with me.  I gently placed them into by backpack after paying for them, snuck past the security guard who had been displeased to see me taking pictures of the fruit, and trekked the one thousand miles from T&T back to my home.  It may not actually have been a thousand miles, but you get my drift.

When we finally arrived home, I gave my longhan a good bath;

They were dirty balls! (TWSS) Sorry, I had to. Sorry.

Then I peeled them of their skins;

Eye Balls! Eye Balls!

I had to request the help of My Love for this part, on account of it was taking forever and I was hungry as balls. (Again, I could not help myself. Maybe don’t read this one to your kids, mkay?)

After the skinning, I took out all the little pits and I was ready to dive in;

So sweet and delicious.

Longhans only have about 2 calories each, so even though I had over 200 there (yeah, I love eating 200 of something, I think it is neat) I still needed to flesh my meal out a bit.  So I had this too;

oranges and cherries and figs and guavas! Party!

The meal was so good, and I was reminded how much I love lonhan.  I paid full price for them (GASP!) but they were more than worth it.

Have you re-united with a long lost food love lately?


2 thoughts on “Longhadventure!

  1. I tried durian for the first time a few days ago. Meh. It was good but I don’t think I’ll buy it again while I’m living with my family. The famski kept complaining about the smell.
    YES I was re-united with a lost food love: FIGS! I just got a whole bunch yesterday and I’ve been nomming down in bliss ever since. 🙂

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