Hey Friends!

It is Tuesday, and I am already dreaming about the up coming labor daybor weekend.  My Love and I will be venturing out-of-town, to some other town, and it is going to be great!

This past weekend, we were in this V-town of ours, and this town was burnin up!  It was SOOO hot outside, that whilst I was cooking in the kitchen, I actually had sweat dripping from my face.  I wasn’t even really cooking, I was raw-ing, so there were not ovens or elements heating me.  And for me to work up a proper sweat is saying something, because I usually err on the chilly side, and only produce a faint, shall we say, “glow.”

In light of these developments, I did what any decent fruity would do.  I made mango ice cream.

First, I took my mangoes and gave them a good scrub, washing away any spots that were… gross.

Mangoes don't really like baths.

Next, like any good french chef, I “turned” my mangoes.  Not really, I just peeled them;

Yep, I got that mango nekked.

Then I cut away the two cheeks, and two side strips from the pit;

I "broke down" that mango good.

You may do with the pit as you see fit. (<–Creating rhyme, I do it all the time)


Next, I cubed up that mango like I was my job.

I have such amazing knife skills, I impress myself.

Then I laid all those cubes onto a sheet tray, lined with parchment paper.

so many CUBES!

I stuck that puppy in the freezer to become frozen.  Why go through all the work of cubing it at placing it all nice like on a sheet tray you ask oh fruity friends?

It was to avoid this;

I know My Love, hindsight is 20/20

Mango loaf.  Hacking at that with a knife is like telling God you feel he gave you one to many fingers…

SO!  When many hours had passed and it was dinner time, I took out my cubes, and broke them up a little.   Using all the fingers I am glad God gave me.

I had to break the cubes up.

All that was left was to run them cubes through the champ!  You could also use a food processor or blender to do this, you may just have to add a little orange juice to get the works going;

Awwww yyyeeeeaaaaahhhh (I realize that this is a caption in at least one photo in almost all my post. But it works, so shut it)

Then I had this;

Golden Glory.

You may then stick your ice cream back in the freezer to firm up, whilst you clean your juicer however you see fit.


It was so lovely, cool, creamy, sweet and refreshing.  Just what the sweaty doctor ordered for the sweaty fruit bat.  It was awesome, and I want more today.

Oh!  And don’t worry Baby Sister and My Love, I used real soap and water to wash the juicer too… I swear.

What do you do in a heat wave friends?


8 thoughts on “MANGO PARTY!

  1. Oh. My god. That Hugh Jass bowl of mango ice cream. Ah. I want to die/dive into it. Can’t choose which one. Can’t form complete sentences. Cool beans.

  2. What is that thing? A Champion food processor? Tell me everything. I need to know about this contraption, and then to try and find one here in NZ. I have a super duper food processor but it struggles with frozen fruit and I already blew up part of it…

    • It is actually a Champion Juicer! Just look it up on line, you should be able to find a company that will send it to you! I got mine from a large health food store here in Canada. It does frozen fruit like it is butter! It is amazing!

  3. Yum! Your Ice Cream looks so whipped! I make mine in the Vitamix, but it nowhere near as creamy as that. Love your blog, just spent the morning reading it from start to finish. So inspiring to find another fruit lover! Just gonna check out price of a Champion – maybe someone will treat me for Xmas 🙂

    Claire x

    • Hey! I am so glad you like it! The Champion is SO great! It was the first big purchase I made, and five years later, I still use it almost daily! It is more than worth its price for sure.

  4. Yes they can! You just may have to do it through a couple of times, but I have made almond butter in it before! Just use the blank slate just like you would for the ice cream! But seriously, just the ice cream alone is worth it in my opinion…

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