Stuff I am lovin’

Happy Saturday friends and fruities!

How was your week?  Mine was a little on the random side of things, but hey, such is life.

Today I want to show you the things I have been loving as of late.  Some food, some stuff, all nice.

First things first, I have been living in  really loving these hippy pants;

Aww yeah, you can tell I have an attitude from the pose, no?

They are one hundred percent natural cotton, hand-made, never bleached or died amazingness.  Basically they are the softest and most comfortable pants in the universe.  I practice yoga in them, as well as just lounge around the house in them.  They are amazing.

Pasta explosion!

My Spirooli slicer.  I love that the noodles are thick, and their texture actually resembles that of real spaghetti!  It is cool to make sauces and all that too.  I appreciate a little variety from just straight fruit every once in a while.

But speaking of fruit;

The word perfection doesn't do them justice.

I have been all about the mangoes lately.  They are really affordable right now, and I eat at least four a day.  The flesh is so sweet and juicy.  I feel I may never tier of them.

I have also been all about the strawberry guavas.

So crunchy I could die!!

Their sweet-tart taste makes me crave them daily.  I also love the super crunchy seeds!  They were not so much love at first bite for me, I think I tried one that wasn’t all the ripe.  But now I cannot seem to get enough!

Random blackberry picking trips with my love;

Aww, My Love

Even if we get prickled by all the thorns.  Which we did.  Then we proceded to walk home scratching our arms like we were crack addicts.  So we fit right in with all the other V-town patrons!  hehe, just kidding…

Pincha mayurasana!

Just looking at the floor. With all my might

Also known as peacocks feather posture.  This is just a fun one to practice.  I love inversions in general, and this one just has a certain special quality that makes me love it all the more.  Really focus on the floor!

Also this kinda crazy backward bending pose;

Really really, I just can't get enough of the floor.

I found it in the second series of the ashtanga yoga practice, and I think it is neat.  Its called Kapotasna A.


Soft like the softest buttah

This one was a dollar and perfectly ripe.  It also barely had any seeds.  Good deal.  And it looks like the orange in the background is trying to eat it.  That orange is wise.

What have you been lovin lately?

I am having cook day around here, so stay tuned for a re-cap of all the crazy goods on Monderday!


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