Look guys, look!

Hey guys!

I know it is late, and I know I do not generally blog on Wednesdays, but I just had to show you two things.

One, the mango madness that is my shelf of the fridge;

Can you ever have enough mangoes? If you said yes, you are wrong.

Also the off the hook nature of my dinner plate;


Glorious papaya;

One monies? Just my size.

Diva mangoes;

All shiny. Who do they think they are?

Blackberries of glory;

Plump and juicy in all the right places

And the ever steadfast and reliable oranges;

So very under rated.

The peels to savagly gnaw at  eat off of to avoid waste;


I eat candy all day everyday.  That is my life.  It is sweet.  It is juicy.  It is yummy.

If you don’t eat like this, I all I have to say is;

No caption needed. Except for that I put one.



4 thoughts on “Look guys, look!

  1. Awesome! I hit the mango jackpot last week. Big ones $0.50 each. I bought 56 of them. Now they are all ripening and I am in mango f**king heaven. Have you ever made mango-lime smoothie? 4 mangos, juice of 2 limes and some agua – heaven.

    P.S. Easier way to eat mangos than peeling them that I discovered: Cut all the shoulders off around the stone. Then slice the big shoulders into 3rds about finger or thumb width. You can then eat them like orange slices, leaving the peel at the bottom. Less work, less mess.

    Fruit on!!

  2. I love the fact that I get to eat candy all day too. It’s so amazing. Today for lunch I had a whole thing of cherry tomatoes, half of a big honeydew melon and a few pounds of cherries, and this lady I work with looked at me as she put her tiny tupperware into the microwave and was like, “That’s all you have?” People don’t see fruit as anything other than a snack, unfortunately, and they see fruitarianism/LFRV as a restricting diet instead of the true lifestyle of abundance it is.
    Totally agree with the mango thing! I don’t know what I’ll do when they’re out of season. Actually I think they might be out right now but I really don’t care. They’re too damn good! 🙂 Papayas are amazing too but I can rarely find a good one. It’s a blissful experience when I do, though.

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