A new-er twist on a new twist

Hey guys!  Happy Thursday!  What are you all up to for the weekend?

This week, the craving for pasta hit, and it hit hard.  I wasn’t all that excited about doing another tomato based sauce, because I have blogged about that enough already.

So in the spirit of something even newer than zucchetti, I did zucchetti with a raw pesto!  I was inspired by another member of 30 bananas a day dot com, called Terry, and you can find her blog here; http://terileventhalsblog.blogspot.com.  She made a spinach based pesto, and thus my pesto was born!

I started with the greenery;

It's all about the green

I had spinach, a whole bunch of dill, a whole bunch of basil, half a bunch of parsley, a garlic clove and some apple cider vinegar for the sauce.  You could use citrus juice on leu of the vinegar if you want to.

Throw all your sauce stuff into a blender, or your second born child the Vitamix;

Blend it like you mean it.

Pour your sauce into your favorite big, big bowl.  At this point I added some stevia and some nutmeg!  It was so so so good.  Nutmeg is a classical french pair with spinach.  Don’t knock it till you try bats!

Aww yeah, bright green food is where it is at.

I think that this would make an amazing salad dressing too!  You could also blend in some tomato or bell pepper for more flavor.

Next, do your noodle thang;

It is noodle madness up in this grill

Do whatever you want with the unusually long shlong;

Umm, yeah.

Mix it up and revel at the green glory;

I may or may not have stolen a fork full or two before taking the pic... I can't claim to be patient.

I ate it with some orange, blackberries and some mango;

Green goes well with yellow

It was amazing.

Hope you try this newer twist!  Do you have any newer twists on your plate to share?


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