FruitBats Raw Food ABC’s

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday!  So, do you remember the ABC’s of me post I did a while back?  Well I recently found the this!  It is the raw foodie’s version!   I am very excited!  Let us get to.

A) Preferred way to eat avocados: In my spinach and herb dip!  If you missed that post, it is called, And Now for Something Completely Different.  You should check it out.

Mmmm, dippity dip

B) Daily banana intake:  This is a range for me.  If I am eating banana ice cream, it could be 8 to 10!  If not, it could be zero

C) Cacao or carob? Cacao is crack.  Carob is better

D) Durian? Only the best and most delicious thing I have ever eaten.  We feasted on it last night as though we were royalty.

E) Essential to start the day: Working out.

F) Favorite fruit: DURIANDURIANDURIANDURIAN.  And also mango and really ripe melons.

Can you see the adoration?

G) Guru you like: I adore Freelee and Durianrider of 30 bananas a day dot com.  They changed my life yo!

H) Healthy meal: All that I have posted!

It is yum, in my tum

I) Ice cream base: Banana, or cantaloupe!

J) Juice or smoothies? Juice all the way!  Other wise I prefer to eat my food thank you!

Home made medicine!!

K) Favorite way to eat kale: In juice form.

L) # of Lemons in your house right now: Hahaha, more than I can count!  Just kidding, maybe around ten?  I am paranoid of running out, so I always have extra.

M) Muscle testing: hoax or real? Totally works.  But only as much as you believe it does.

N) Nut butter: favorite kind? Hahahaha, nut butter.  Think about it.  But in all seriousness I am not really a fan.  Hurts my gut a bit to much

O) Organic or conventional? As ashamed as I am to admit this, I go conventional most of the time for monies reasons.  But I will also admit that organic almost always tastes better.

P) Pickled veggies: I used to make them!  When I ate salt.  I do not any more.

Q) Questions you get asked about your diet: Where do you get your protein?  Isn’t that to much sugar?  Where do you get your essential fatty acids?  How are you not dead?  Ok, I have never actually been asked that last one, but there have been times when I think people were thinking it.

R) Recipe you love: I am no recipe girl!  I eat just fruit.  When I make things, I wing them.  Every time!

S) Skin brushing? Would be nice if I could remember.

T) Type of water you drink: Filtered tap.  And that is only because My Love bought a filter.  Otherwise it would be tappity tap tap.  Remember how I am really cheep?

U) Unbelievable thing that’s related to eating raw: Going from a stomach ache every second day to almost never!  Totally unbelievable.  Also clear skin.

V) Vegetable you love: Being a fruit bat, Imma have to go with the veggie fruits, mainly zucchini and cucumber!

W) Why did you start eating raw? Desperate quest to stop feeling like shit.  Pssst, it worked.

X) X-rated vegetable or fruit: They are all pretty sexy, no?

Y) Yummy food you make: Depends on what you find yummy?  I think I make a mean zucchetti sauce!  Also I make tonnes of raw desserts that My Love and My Baby Sister seem to adore.

Z) Favorite use of zucchinis: Is this even a real question?  Zucchetti all the way!

Like pasta, but deliciouser

OK!  You go!  I wanna learn about you!


5 thoughts on “FruitBats Raw Food ABC’s

  1. Can I ask how long you’ve been raw now? I’ve been very high raw and low fat for about 7 months now, and I’m not feeling much better. Need to move before I go 100%. Love your ABCs! And your energy :).

  2. I have been raw for about five years. But it has been up and down with the LFRV thing until about a year ago. If you want some coaching, you can check out my services, I am more than happy to help you out!

  3. Haha yes, cacao = crackao! I don’t get why people still eat it when carob tastes so much better and has a whole bunch of antioxidants without the stimulants and neurotoxins.
    How do you select a good durian? I was going to get one (unfortunately non-organic, because I do love my organics, but I’m thinking it’s pretty damn close to impossible to find “exotic” fruits like that in Canada that are “Certified Organic”) but I had no clue what I should be looking for.
    I’m not a fan of nut butter either, or grains or huge amounts of veggies, unlike most food bloggers, which is probably why I don’t really feel fond of blogging ATM because I don’t wanna say, “Ooh, your PB&Co and oatmeal looks so good, as does your coconut oil sauteed veggies. Oh yeah, and the extra-virgin organic coconut/olive oil totally stays extra-virgin when you heat it up. Nice eats!”
    I need to get a spiralizer. Your zucchetti looks so good! Mine always looks kinda funny and I’m not a fan of it simply because I don’t like it in strips and don’t have the time or desire to make really thin spaghetti noodles. Er, zoodles, right? 😉

  4. Look for a durian that is more brown than green, with the spikes really spread far apart, not really close together. Also, if it is really easy to split open, it is most likely ripe. As you practice, you will find your own way to find a good one! Zucchetti is the best ever! I agree with you on the other food blogs, so I am glad that you found mine! Just fruity goodness here!

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