My green juice is red juice

Friends!!  Hello!

Happy almost Friday!  I am actually very pleased about the Thursday-ness of this day.  It is my day off, and I am making a plethora of raw treats for My Baby Sister and My Love.  So It is going to be a good day.

I have been enjoying some really tasty things as of late, and I have decided to have the courtesy to show you.

This was yesterdays green juice;

Re-used glass bottle? Because I am environmentally friendly like that

I know what you are thinking.  That is red;

Can you see the beet?

It is on account of the fact that I told my friend Jamie, who was on juice bar at work yesterday, that she may have fun with my green juice!  So she did the normal cilantro, parsley, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger, and for kick she added papaya, cinnamon and beet juice!  It was AMAZING and zinggy!  I could feel the minerals doin their thang.

So much juice!

I also enjoyed some oranges.

Always a good project, eatin oranges. This is what you do, right?

Later, I remembered that I had some of these guys tucked away in the recesses of my fridge;

Green on red for visual appeal.

Little green figs!  They are so very sweet and soft and crunchy with all their little seeds.  I loved them.

Melon has also made a come back;

Hey guys, check out my melons.

I have not been having melon lately, because my last couple were just not good, and it sorta turned me off.  This one smelled amazing, and tasted sweet and delicious.  I am glad that I took a chance on the little guy!

But the real reason I got a melon?

Oh how I have missed the pudding goodness in my life.

Yeah, the pudding.

All together now!

It's the United Nations of fruit up in heeer

Dinner was mango, melon, oranges, figs, guavas (still my fav of the day) and some freshly foraged blackberries!

I was in need of nothing, it was a good eatin day.

Stay tuned for some of my creative kitchen fun tomorrow, mkay?  I am off to raw myself!

What have you been loving lately?


6 thoughts on “My green juice is red juice

  1. I had a really good eating day today too 🙂 Mangoes for brekky, cherries and some other fruit for lunch (legit can’t remember. Oops), and a Hugh Jass salad with a whole head of romaine, a big carrot, an ear of corn and a baby cuke with a tahini cumin paprika dressing on top. Sooo good. I had like, 3/4 of the salad and have a little bit more for tomorrow if I either want a snack or a smaller dinner.
    Lately I’ve been loving mangoes. The ones I just got from my grocery delivery service are totally not ripe yet though, so I’ll be eating bananas until then. Poor me 😉 I really wanna try guavas, and I’m dying to try durian.
    Yoga update: I tried the lifting of the leg thing. Turns out I’m way less flexible than I used to be.

  2. that juice looks amazing!

    I just had my very first green juice: a classic mix of salad, cucumber, ginger, carrot, apple and lemon. Thought I would have to get used to the taste, but actualy it was pretty amazing. I feel so energized 🙂 !!!

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