I pick my blackberries at night

Monday is over and Tuesday has arrived!  How does it feel?

Work this week is going to be craycray.  It was totally insane yesterday.  I am more than happy to be busy all day, but it is a little tough to manage all that nervous energy, I must admit.  I am still a happy camper about getting free green juice everyday though, so I am not complaining.

Since my day was erring on the stress-filled side yesterday, My Love and I did something special, to act as a counter balance.

I know I know, I am a real looker after work.

We did some urban foraging!

Nature invented candy, then we ruined it.

For blackberries!  There are bushes growing like crazy all over Vancouver;

A million! A Million!

And the bushes are bursting with plump, juicy berries!!!;

So plump and juicy!

My Love was made wise to these little treasures by a friend last week, and had a hunch that there would be some by our house.  He was correct.  And he was pretty;

This is My Love in a plaid shirt. Foraging.

We only picked for about twenty minutes, (we most likely could have gone faster, had it not been for the insane amount of really prickly thorns that adorned the bushes) and ended up with two buckets full!

Some for dinner, some for snack.

We trekked home with our loot, gave them a rinse, and dinner was served!

You can barely see them on my black plate! Bad photographer!

I had mine with mango, orange and strawberry guavas.

Squint! They are there, I promise!

So instead of paying $2.99 a pound (or more, yikes!) our only cost was time.  Oh, and a minor flesh wound;

The thorns and I had a tiff. But fear not, we are ok now.

I felt like we were connecting with a natural way of life that has been lost.  It felt cool to be so connected with my food.  To be doing at least some of the labour to bring the food I eat to my table (or carpet in my living room where I eat, we don’t have an actual table) .  I hope that one day all my food is picked by my own hand.

Have you ever picked your own food?  Do you have a garden?  How did it feel?

Have an awesome day fruities!


8 thoughts on “I pick my blackberries at night

  1. I picked some blackberries! The season is almost over here, but I have spent the last 3 months mapping out where they all are in the park, then we picked some and freezed a bunch of them! Word of advice though: if you freeze them, do them on a flat thing like a cookie sheet so they don’t stick together. Then bag them up!

  2. Goodness, what a haul!
    I lurv blackberries. Used to live in a house surrounded by them and pick them every summer with my dog. 🙂 They’re just creeping into season down here. There are a couple wild apple trees around my school that I usually nick from too. Next summer, if I’m still lucky enough to be living in a place with lots of trails and woods, I want to try for fiddlehead ferns and dandelions. There’s just something inherently fun about foraging–it’s like you’re a mythical character on a grand quest for exciting thingamabobs of the gods. 😀

  3. blackberries are the best! they are growing wild everywhere around here as well, but I tried them and we definitely hadn’t enough sunny days this year – they still taste quite unripe. guess I have to wait for next summer to come 😦

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