The staples of a bat

Happy Tuesday to ya!

My Baby Sister and My Love are both sound asleep in their respective beds at the moment, and for me, all feels right with the world.  I do not mind a little alone time now and then, but it is much nicer to have my little family all safe and sound and back together!

Today I wanted to show you the rhyme and reason of my fruity shopping.  It may appear as though I just get whatever is on sale, but this is not true!  The way I organize what I am going to buy is – I figure out how many calories I am going to need each day (obviously this is an approximate value, and it just gives me something to work with when I am figuring out amounts of fruit that I need to purchase).  In the summer time, most of those calories are divided among two loves;

Our love will never die

Mangoes!  And also;

Never enough, never enough

my dear friends the orange.  In the winter when decently priced mangoes are not on the shelves, my staple turns to;

Monkey food is good enough food for me

Bananas!  For eating just as they are, and for boat loads of banana ice cream.

I choose these foods because they are inexpensive in their respective seasons, they are easy to find, they are high in calories (compared to other fruits) and nutritionally dense.  Fast and easy energy!

I also always look for melons;

Hey guys! Check out my... you know

Sweet, always available and an instant transport to summer, I love to eat melons almost daily.  I also feel like dinner just is not complete without melon seed pudding;

So full of cinnamony goodness

My other absolute must have’s are;

We're full of good stuff!

the goods for green juice!  I always get celery, cucumber, parsley, cilantro, lemons, ginger, a green and a fruit to sweeten the deal.  I love green juice for so so so many reasons.  It is my medicine, and I do not go one single day without it.

Outside of those items, I will simply follow what is on special that day.  I like to eat with the seasons, because it is fun!  It adds variety and spice to my eating.  This summer I have indulged in many a cherry, stone fruit and guava.  In the fall I will get awesome persimmons and apples.  Winter is slightly more barren, but apples, oranges, dates and bananas never fail!  Then spring will come and I will welcome back mangoes with open arms (and an open mouth).

One last staple?

Just opening my heart for you guys.

Yoga asana.  It keeps me grounded.  I keeps me sane.  It keeps me as normal and functioning as I am ever going to be.  OH, and also I love it.

So there you go!  My life staples.  What do you need to have on hand at all times?  Any readers requests for me?


8 thoughts on “The staples of a bat

  1. Hello! Awesome post.
    Question for you… I have tried and tried again to stay fruity, but I get so sick of the taste of the same cheap fruit, and honestly can’t afford to buy low-calorie/expensive fruit like peaches so am stuck with oranges watermelon mangoes. Though I love these fruits, I get so sick of them meal after meal. Any suggestions? 😦

    • That is tough. I understand the feeling of getting bored. Try dipping your fruit in cinnamon! Or you can purchase bananas (which should be fairly inexpensive) freeze them, and then blend them to make banana ice cream! You can do the same thing with mangoes, and trust me, it is AMAZING! I also like to spend a little less on my weekly fruit by going for the deals, and then use the money I saved buying the cheaper things to get myself a fruity treat. Sometimes you just have to get creative with your budget! But it can be done~ Another thing to try is mono meals. It will help to take away some of the “food as entertainment” factor, and you will start to taste and appreciate your fruit anew! Hope that was helpful.

  2. I go through spurts with my staples. Right now, it’s avocados, raspberries, those coconut date roll things (expensive, but apparently essential!); and bananas, frozen blueberries, and kale for smoothies. I also have almond butter and a loaf of Manna bread on hand at all times for emergencies! 😉

    Then there was that one winter (yes, winter!) when all I ate was pineapple. Nothing, save for the occasional banana or dates, tasted good to me. Don’t know what that was about…

  3. Avocados 100% of the time.
    My staples this week are mango and avocado together, sprinkled w/ a little cayenne. I get stuck on the same thing, and then I go on to something else. The prior coupla weeks it was watermelon, and before that bananas. Couldn’t get enough…just loaded up. A couple of years ago it was figs…I was so excited for them to come back into season last year, then bought a pint and did not like them at all anymore.
    I ALWAYS crave durian and wish it could be a staple, but I rarely get to have it because I live in Oregon, so when I do it’s frozen and I don’t feel good about that. I adore durian blended w/ raw cacao and raw honey to make the best, rich pudding!
    What I always have around without fail is raw goat milk. I know the goats where it comes from and they are all happy and healthy…I’ve even milked my own. The health benefits are amazing. I don’t have a fridge, but that’s okay ‘cuz I drink it up fast…anywhere from half to a gallon a day!
    No, I’m not tubby at all….actually very thin…even though most of what I have to have is fat. I think it’s different for everyone, what our bodies need that is. The watermelon was unusual for me…maybe my bod was telling me to back off the fat?
    Anyway, it’s avo and goat milk for me!

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