The ABC’s of a home yoga practice part two!

Hello again and a happy Saturday to all!

It looks like these more than one part posts are becoming a thing here on Urban Fruit Bat.  Who knew I would have this much to say?  Most likely everyone who knows me.  I talk allot.  Moving on.

So!  We have gone over the stipulations of a home yoga practice, hopefully you have checked out a studio class or four, you have done your salutes to the sun, and have stood in some strange positions.  What now?

After I have done some standing postures, I like to work in the balance postures.  I LOVELOVELOVE balance postures!  There are many to choose from, all of which can be very fun, or really hard, depending on how you want to look at it.  Some popular postures;

I am a pretty tree! Vrksasana

Tree pose is a nice posture because it helps people to start to get the hang of standing on one foot, without doing to many other crazy things with your body at the same time.   You can also place the floating foot on your calf or ankle, just avoid the knee.

Another one of my faves is dancers posture;

Natarajasana- lord of the dancers!

Other standing balance postures include Uttita hasta padangustasana-and all the variations, Ardha chandrasana, Eagle posture and on and on.

There are also these fun little things called arm balances!  They are my very favorite, because they can really feel like play.  Crow posture is the best to start with.  Other arm balances?  Vasisthasana (side arm balance), bakasana (crane posture), titibasana and my fave of the moment;

Eke Pada Galavasana!

Also known as flying crane posture.  I also love the scales posture;


These postures are meant to be fun, so wipe off your serious face and just be like a child, alrighty friends?

After all the balance fun, it is time for abs!  Yoga is all about the core, and you really should be engaging it all the time.  There are however some specific core postures that can get you that six pack help strengthen that core of yours in a focused way.

One of the best, most accessable, and most common is plank posture;

Make a straight line from your head to heels, no butt down or up!

In plank, you can alternately bring one knee into your chest, bring your knee to the same or opposing elbow, and then repeat to the other side.  You can also take your plank to your forearms.

Other abdominal focused postures?  Navasana or boat pose is awesome.  You can do it with bend knees or straight legs, arms holding on to the back of your thighs, straight out, out to the side or up in the air.  You can twist your boat, taking one elbow to the opposite knee, or you can lift and lower your boat.  Another fun one is done lying on your back. Youi start by bending your knees and lowering them to the side, about an inch from the ground, holding for a breath or two and then taking them to the other side.  You can practice that last exercise with straight legs as well!

I think we will cut it off here for today.  Tomorrow we will conclude, and it will be amazing.



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