I like Thursdays.  I find them nice and relaxing.  This is most likely due to the fact that I generally have Thursdays off.  Having Thursdays off is not what I am fanatical about, I was just filling you in on some facts.

What I am fanatical about?

So adorable in the green grass there!

Green juice.  It has literally changed my life.  If you have read all of my blog, and remember things from it, you will know that I have had digestive issues for my whole life.  Over the course of many years, and many, many failed attempts at diets to try to improve said digestion, I managed to make it worse.  There have been periods of time when I had stomach aches every couple of days.  These stomach aches were no joke.  They were the kind that had me doubled over in pain, having to stay home or go home from school or work or dance or whatever it was that I happened to be doing at the time.  I remember one incident where I got one so badly, I couldn’t make it up the stairs from my room to the living room, so I sat in the stair well, quietly weeping until my mom found me and helped me to the couch.

Yeah, no good.

Then I found the raw diet, and that helped quite a bit!  My stomach aches went from by-daily to by-weekly, but it still wasn’t perfect.

Over the years I have tinkered with my raw diet a great deal.  I have been raw for five years, save for six months where I ate cooked vegan food.   Those cooked six months were stomach ache hell, and back to raw I went.  It was when I finally made the bulk of my diet fruit, that a real improvement in my health took place.  The stomach aches stopped almost completely.  I could go months without one.  But my digestion was still only so so.  I still bloated and swelled and was very sensitive to every thing that went into my body.  I felt like there was still one element I must be missing.

Enter, green juice!  I sat down and talked with my boss, who is passionate about helping everyone achieve health.  He has healed his body if diverticulitis through a raw diet.  He suggested I start experimenting with green juice, and eventually once my digestion has healed enough, salad.  He said fruits provide our bodies with energy and vitamins, but we need the greens for minerals and enzymes.  He was right.  I took my first green juice, and it changed my life almost instantaneously.  My digestion started really working!  I don’t bloat or swell any more.  I don’t have indigestion.  I feel liberated!  So I thought I would share with you my own little recipe for the green goodness!

I like celery, cucumber, spinach, cilantro, parsley, ginger, lemon and pineapple;

Dems be the goods

Then I retrive my Champ and two bowls, one for the liquid gold, one for the pulpy mess;

My first born.

I also like to prepare the vessel that will receive the finished product. (Sometimes I add stevia.  Shhhh, don’t tell anyone)

My bottle says my name! It's on the green tape.

Then I let the Champ do what he does best.  I end up with this;

Looks good, no?

Close up of the gold;

The froth is a sign of quality

And the pulpy mess;

You can use this to make juice pulp crackers! Fiber anyone?

Then I just pour into my bottle and drink to my heart’s delight.

Haha, the cell phone has been feeling left out.

Confession.  There is a good possibility that I was drinking a green juice whilst I posted about green juice.  Yes.  I am fanatical.

What are you fanatical about?


6 thoughts on “Fanatical

  1. I love green juice as well. Do you watch Liferegenerator videos on Youtube? They are awesome and inspiring. About a week into watching his videos I had to get a juicer. Now 2 other guys at my work have them, and another dude just bought one.

  2. I really wish I had an auger juicer. I have a centrifugal one and my pulp is always really wet. 😥
    I’m kind of fanatical about melons ATM. They’re sooo amazing. I got six huge watermelons for me to feast on this week. It’s gonna be a good week.

  3. I LOVE MELON!! It is so funny, it seems to me that when it comes to melons, it is love or hate with people. I eat a cantelope And have for quite a while! I will never tier of them it seems. Why dont you just squeeze the remaining juice out of your pulp with your hands?

  4. sounds great, I was thinking about trying green juice for some time now. but good juicers are damn expensive. how much have you payed for yours and it also uses a lot of fresh vegetables over the week, isn’t it?
    do you think making green smoothie hasn’t the same health effects and you still get the fiber?

    • I paid about 300 for my juicer, but that was about five years ago! It has more than made up for its cost in my opinion. I do think that green smoothies are great! It is just a matter of breaking down the cell wall in the greens so that we can reap their nutritional benefits! Juice just goes into the blood stream quicker and easier!

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