Life is just a bowl of em

Happy Tuesday Fruity folks!

I was lucky enough to have the whole day off yesterday, which was amazing.  I spent one hundred percent of it with My Love, which was even better.  We were very lazy, and did not do much more than vacuum and watch old episodes of Top Chef(which is remarkably quotable).  I will tell you what, there is no substitute cleaning for vacuuming.   A freshly vacuumed floor will one happy fruit back make.

Today, I want to talk about the wonders of cherries!

One monies? You know it!

Cherries often do not get the attention that they deserve.  They seem to get lumped in with other berries or other summer fruits.  Sometimes they are even over shadowed by the blueberry!  They can shine all on their own!

Look at the deep dark color! That will stain your clothes for sure...not that I would know.

Cherries pack a hefty amount of Anthocyanins,  which acts as a natural sunscreen for the fruit, and a powerful free radical fighting antioxidant for you!  The body converts anthocyanins into essential amino acids, as well as it having natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Renier Cherries! So so yum

Cherries are pretty cool in that they contain melatonin.  Melatonin is a natural substance produced in the body that works as a natural pain-killer, as well as a sleep aid.  With too much artificial light, our bodies can sometimes cease to produce enough melatonin to allow us to fall asleep.  Cherries can help us to re-regulate our sleep cycles.

Cherries are divas. They love being photographed.

Cherries also contain ample amounts of vitamin C and fiber.  Fiber has been shows to be able to reduce LDL cholesterol!  That is the Low Density Lipoprotein cholesterol, or the bad stuff.

Oh so pretty, no?

All in all, cherries are amazing.  They taste good, look good and protect and defend out bodies.  Their season is short, so I recommend jumping on the cherry band wagon whilst you still can!

So much yum, in my tum


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