And now for something, completely different.

Saturday has arrived!

I am glad that it has.  I still have to go to work today, but there is just something about the fact that it is le weekend, that makes it feel not so much like work.  Don’t ask me why.

So I have some interesting news to share with you my fruity friends!  As you may or may not know, I have some pretty compromised digestion.  That was one of the things that drew me to raw foods, and then fruit in the first place.  It drastically cut down on the amount of pain and indigestion I had been experiencing.  Eating all fruit has been pretty magical, but I have to make an admission…

I have been craving greens like  no bodies business.

Enzyme kapow!

Do I think that greens are inherently bad for you?  No.  But I have heard of many fruity friends who are living a wonderful greenless life, and I also currently have a pretty tough time digesting greens, so I had nixed them from my diet.  Yesterday, I sat down with my boss (I know right, who has a boss that will sit down with them and give them legit health advice?) and he said that it sounded like I need some enzymes in my life.  Fruit is amazing and provides lots of easily digestible nutrients and some enzymes, not to mention ENERGY!  However there is a healing power to greens that he feels I could stand to eat.

And so I did.

Still have the roots, so you know it is good.

I am posting this because I wanted to stress the importance of listening to your body.  Our bodies are VERY wise.  While I wholeheartedly believe that a raw vegan diet is the best diet for everyone., how that raw vegan diet looks for each person may vary.  Some will do amazing with no overt-fats.  Some on just fruits.  Some on greens and fruit.  It is all about what you need at this moment, and knowing that what you need now will most likely not be what you need in the future!

I started off with some green juice, which contained celery juice, cucumber juice, burdock root, lemon juice, parsley and cilantro;

at home in the grass

I was good.  And I will tell you, I felt good drinking it.  So I will be experimenting with adding greens back into my life.

The fruit is not going to be going anywhere, anytime soon though, so don’t worry.

My tummy and my tongue could not go a day without this sweetness

For the record, I am still fruitarian.  The definition of a fruitarian is one who gets at least 75% of their daily intake of food from fruit, and I far and away surpass 75%.  But labels are not really the point here, are they!  It is about doing the best we can with what we have right now.  I encourage you to do what feels right for your body right now, today.

I have a fun recipe to share with you tomorrow, then I think it is time for another yoga post, no?


2 thoughts on “And now for something, completely different.

  1. Green juice FTW! I have a hard time digesting lots of greens too, so I juice them a lot. I do a similar juice recipe except I usually add apple, lime, ginger and sometimes jalapeno/habanero.

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