Huston, we have a hippy.

You know you are a hippy when;

The fabric is mind blowingly soft yal

Your favorite pants allow for maximum movability.  As well as being made by hand with organic cotton, in a village your moneis are now supporting.

Pink is my favorite.

Instead of spending 4 monies a jar at Whole Foods, you ferment your own kombutcha.

Have you read this bottle? A little Craycray...

When your body wash, shampoo, dish soap and laundry detergent all come from the same bottle.

Corner pillows!

You know you’re a hippy when;

couch what?

instead of furniture, you have pillows and a fancy rug,

Baby Sister, you are genius.

and all your art is home-made.

Four years old, what what M.E.C!!

Your most used form of transportation burns glycogen, not gasoline,

Member what I said about pink?

but you will always prefer the freedom of flip-flops.  Even in the winter.

I guess me and pink are pretty tight.

When this is your purse, and your security blanket.

Hey Kitty? Hello Chat?

You know you’re a hippy when your wallet is actually a (broken) pencil-case.

Yeah, I am rich. No big deal

and you store all your monies in recycled hemp seed baggies.

Yep.  Sorry mah and pah, your baby is a hippy.

Are you a hippy?  Tell me how.


6 thoughts on “Huston, we have a hippy.

  1. Ali, just curious you use the Dr. Bronners for soap/shampoo/dishes/laundry? I use it for soap right now, didn’t know it could be used for all 4. Really? What kind is that?

  2. I like to say I’m a “hip hippie:” I own a car, I loves me some clothes from Aritzia and I do shop at Whole Foods when my budget *coughparentspityfundscough* allows, but I also make my own kombucha and walk or bike everywhere except to White Rock!

    Pseudo-hippie, perhaps?

  3. Darn you got me on the no furniture and using one soap for everything. And here i thought i was good to go, but i guess being a hippie doesn’t have to be a bad thing…

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