I love these little guys!

Happy Thursday to you all!

Ok first, I want to start off by showing you something that I think it completely adorable.  I work at an organic, mostly raw foods restaurant slash factory.  We make a million chocolate macaroons.  One customer wanted 130 individually packed macaroons to have as favors for her up coming wedding.  We generally sell the macaroons in three packs, in cellophane bags that we seal.  But because just one macaroon is so small, we decided the best way was to cut our little bags in half and seal them on both sides.  They turned out looking SO adorable!

GGAAAWWWW! So small and cute!

Like little macaroon candies!  If I ever go into the food biz on my own, I will only do adorable things like that.  Anyways.  I love those little guys.

Other little guys that I love?

They look kinda weird now that I am focusing on them...

Little strawberry guava guys!  I only recently discovered them at my market, and I cannot get enough!

My current stash

Guavas are said to have originated in middle America somewhere, but now are grown in most tropical locations.  They bode well in both humid and dry climates, and can even withstand some cold spells!  Way to go little guys!

These little guys are super ripe. I got the whole bag for one monies!

Guavas are exceptionally high in fiber, which we all know we could use more of as a society.  Most Americans get only HALF of the amount of fiber that they need.  This gives them an increased risk of cancer!!  Fiber helps to decrease transit time.  That means that your poo is not sitting in your colon, going rotten and leaching poisons back into your system.  Fiber also binds with toxic substances, cholesterol and excess bile, and helps transport them from your body.  So, in the case of fiber, DO IT.

To eat, I just cut off their weird furry hats...

Guavas have many polyphenols and flavonoid compounds which prevent cancer, and are anti-ageing.

and slice in half. Then I marvel at the cool innards.

Guavas provide more potassium per ounce than the equal weight of bananas.  The body uses potassium in conjunction with sodium to help regulate fluid balance in the body.  With out this important mineral, your heart could stop!  Oh my!

I usually suck out all the seedy parts first, then eat the outsides.

Guavas are also high in vitamin C, vitamin A, (both anti-oxidant vitamins, that make you both cancer resistant and beautiful), as well as the B vitamins such as pantothenic acid, niacin and vitamin B-6.They are also rich sources of vitamin K and E, magnesium, copper and manganese.

Little fruit plate family. Aw, so cute.

They are also really tasty!  They are sweet, but not to sweet.  They have a bit of a sour flair to them.  I find their flavor to hit most parts of my palate.

So the next time you see some of these little guys, or their adult cousins, I say DO IT.


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