My most favorite

Hello and happy Tuesday to all you guys.

Work was craycray busy for me today, and I like it that way.  I spent most of my day putting together a massive order.  I liked it because I was just left to do it.  Independent work that I can organize myself is my favorite.

I want to talk about another favorite of mine today, and I promise, it is not this guy;

We were not on the right bus here.

Although I could post a whole post in that guy.

It’s this guy;

They cause tens of deaths a year falling on people.

I know I have already done a durian post, but I wanted to tell you more.  Durian is my favorite fruit by far.  There have been long stretches of time in my life where I ate durian every week.  Namely when I had a car.

My set up; plate for skin, plate for flesh, bowl for pits, spoon for shells, napkin for everything.

Durian is unique from many other fruits, in that over 30% of its macronutrient content comes from fats.  Most fruits are in the 3-7% range.

The chosen ones

Durian is rich in dietary fiber.  Dietary fiber decreases transit time(makes you poop faster, so less harmful substances are leached back into your blood stream), helps protect the mucosal membrane in the colon, and also helps to prevent colon cancer.

There is allot of delish goop you can scoop off of the shell

Durian is a rich source of vitamin C, which helps the body to fight off offending agents in the body.  Super doses of vitamin C have been used to cure cancer in some cases!

Oh the bounteous bounty

Durian comes with many B vitamins as well.  B vitamins are important for almost everything.  They help with metabolism maintenance and revving.  They are important for healthy skin, hair and nails.  They aid in muscle maintenance and even enhance immunity.

All the skins!

Durian also contains minerals!  It has iron and copper, which aid in red blood cell formation.  Durian is also a blood cleanser.

luscious meaty meat

Durian is a rich source of Tryptophan.  Known as natures sleeping pill, you will feel calm and peaceful after a meal of durian.

No meat left behind. Gotta suck it off the pits!

So with all that durian has going for it in the nutrition department, there is no reason not to eat it!  But I have to admit, above all else, I eat it because it tastes so.dang.amazing.  It is like banana almond vanilla custard.  It contains a fair amount of sulfur, which is what lends it its offensive odor.  But once you get past that, it is pure heaven.

Uhhh, I just want one right now.

Are you convinced?


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