Cool finds

Hello friends!

Today is Wednesday, which means we are half way to the weekend!  I hope you have many things in your week that you look forward to as well however, so you are not awaiting the weekend with to much of battedness in your breaths.

I am having a meeting with a friend this afternoon about possibly doing some catering for a yoga retreat she is doing at the end of summer.  It is going to be on an apple farm, so all my food will need to have apples in them!  It is exciting because she wants it to be raw and vegan food!  I am really excited to share the vegan love, as always.

This weekend I ended up finding some really cool things at the market.

I got these crazy tie-die mangoes!

Green and yellow on one side...

They tasted like mango jello.  I am very excited to eat the rest of them!

Orangy-red on the other! So neat

I also bought a bag of these summer treats!

Little globes of pure juicy juice!

I don’t know if you remember me telling you, but last Saturday at work we had to pit a huge case of cherries.  Those cherries were ripe as heck, and they sprayed me all over with their juice.  I looked like I was diseased.  But I forgave them and ate them for dinner anyways.

My dinners have looked super summery this week;

Melons are AMAZING right now too.

The summer fruit warms my heart for sure, but there are many things about summer I am grateful for.  I love that there is sunshine when I wake up.  I love getting freckles after I hang out outside.  I love long walks and no jackets.  I love the bushes and flowers and trees.  I love summer!

What is your favorite part of summer my friends?


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