Ode to the Orange

Happy Monderday peeps!

I hope you had a weekend filled with sun, fun and relaxation.  Mine was sorta filled with those things!  Friday and Saturday I worked, and on Saturday night we had durian!  It was the first time in a long long time I have eaten durian without my Baby Sister around, and it was strange, but still oh so delectable.  I will be posting picks of the foodgasams very soon.

As far as yesterday was concerned, it was very nice.  I got up and cleaned the shit out of our apartment.  Then my Love and I ventured to the market.  We came home and lazed around, it was so hot our lap tops kept over heating and shutting down!  We made him some soup, lazed around some more while watching old episodes of Top Chef, and then I went to my first day of my yoga mentor ship program!  It was really really nice.  There are only six of us, and each of us had to pick a sutra (from one of Patanjali’s yoga sutras) and write about what it meant to us.  It was nice to learn a little about my mentor ship friends that way.

Today I want to talk about a fruity friend of mine that I feel is completely under rated and under appreciated;

Not so much the size of my head...

My pal the orange!  Oranges are exceptional sources of vitamin C, as we all know.  Oranges also contain herparidin, which is a flavanone that helps to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as having strong anti-oxidant properties.  They are noted to help prevent cancer, especially esophageal, oro-phayngeal/laryngeal (mouth, larynx and pharynx), and stomach cancers.  As well as offering healthy heart benefits, as listed above.  Many of the oranges health giving properties lie in the while pith, so I recommend munching that along with your orange.  The pith also contains vitamin A, which aids in the bodies absorption of vitamin C.  Nature is amazing, no?

I love oranges!  I eat them everyday, they are a staple in my diet for sure.  I do eat them funny though, and I thought it would be fun to show you my strange process.

First I take my orangey pal;

He's just so small and cute!

And I peel him nekked;

I'm not retarded, this one was just exceptionally hard to peel...

I split my orangey porangey in half;

Really, not a barbarian, this orange was just being difficult... believe me!

I remove the little orange baby that is almost always inside;

Looks kinda like a jelly fish to me.

Now the fun begins.  I separate the orange skins;

Looks yummy, right?

from the fruity flesh;

Looks like little orange water droplets all stuck together!

Then I repeat, and repeat and repeat.  Several hours  minutes later I have this;

Eat cho pith dawgs

and somma this;

pile o skins

and much of this;

Fruity goodness. Pure hydration!

Eat alone, or pair with more fruit.

plethora of goodness right there

I have known many fruitbats who love to eat nothing but citrus for days, weeks and even months on end.  Fruit Bat Anne has gone on several orange juice feasts in her time.

I love oranges, and I eat them every day.  I hope I have inspired you to look at the humble orange with a bit more respect.  Just because it is common, does not mean it is boring!  What other fruits do you think are under rated?


4 thoughts on “Ode to the Orange

  1. Awesome to read your blog girlfriend! I get amazing oranges in South Australia, tutti fruiti beauty taste ;D

    Keep on blogging and make sure you tag your blogs X

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