For your Tummy part 2

Happy Sunday!

I cleaned this morning.  Something about Sundays, I don’t know.  Makes me want to nest.

Onto part two of our tummy post!  So I last left you with a forward bend to try.  Now onto twists!

Twists can be very therapeutic for your organs of digestion, if you do them properly.  Always initiate your twist by pulling your pelvic floor in and up, and drawing your belly button to your spine.  Resist the urge to use your arms as leverage!!  When you inhale, lengthen your spine, when you exhale, tighten your contracted ab muscles even more, allowing that to be what twists you.  It is said that while we are twisting, we are wringing out our organs, just like you would if you were squeezing out a wet towel.  Then when you release your twist, fresh blood and oxygen can flow back into those organs, which has a cleansing and healing effect.

Here are some twists to try out!

You should look up, if your neck lets you. Mine...didn't

This is Parivrtta Utkatasana or twisting chair pose.  Good for the gut and the legs!  Make sure that your knees are in line with one another to ensure pelvic alignment.

Ahh see, looking up

Try to stack your shoulders in this one, and nuzzle your knee into your armpit.

No arms, no arms!!

This is Matsyedrasana.  Try not to look as bored as I do here…

Classic pretzel posture guys. SO fun

You can do this posture with the bottom leg tucked back next to your sit bone, and with a bind.

Another twist I love;

I like holding my toe

This one is called Bharadvajasana.  Hard to say, if you can do lotus, not that hard to do.

OK, now or some Apanasa.  Apana is part of the five vital energies moving throughout the body.  Apana vayu is the “downward moving”.  Apana vayu is focused in the lower intestines and in the legs.  Apanasana is meant to help with stagnant apana vayu.  In other words, it can get things moving, if you know what I mean.

Start by lying on your back, with your knees drawn up toward your chest.  Place your hands on your knees.  Make sure that your head, neck and spine are all in line here;

Also known as "wind releasing pose"...

Fill your whole belly with air.  Then, as you exhale, draw your pelvic floor in and up, belly button to your spine, and draw your knees closer to your chest.  Hold this position for a breath or two.


Then, as you inhale, release your legs back to the starting position.  Do this for at least ten rounds.

We can’t talk about digestion postures without talking about the queen – Sarvangasana.

Clearly the best posture in the whole world, no?

If you read B.K.S Iyengars “Light On Yoga” you will notice that he recommends this posture for every physical problem.  Ever.  It reverses the effects of gravity on your intestines, and can really help sooth digestive complaints.  So just do it.

Come done and rest in Halasana or plough posture after you have shoulder standed yourself.

Can you see me resting and digesting?

Bow posture is also an excellent belly massage.

Back bending back bending!

Make sure to energetically squeeze your inner thighs together, do not let your knees splay way out the side.  You can roll forward with your nose towards the ground, and then back with your knees heading towards the ground.

We cannot talk about digestion postures without this next one.  It is said that if you practice this posture with regularity, you can eat whatever you want it will help your digestion so much;


Break dancin!!

Ladies, you do kinda have to… squeeze the girls.  It is fun though!

You can practice with legs in lotus to make your center of gravity a little easier to work with;

I can feel it working

The final posture I recommend for digestion?

I'm just here for savasana

Savasana.  Rest and digest at its best.

Ok.  Much love.  Keep the requests coming.


6 thoughts on “For your Tummy part 2

      • Thanks. What’s a good place to start? could you recommend a book or dvd. I took some basic classes recently but I dont belong to the fitness club so I have to pay every time I attend and It’s getting expensive and the membership is way too much in my opinion. I see you practice at home and I would love to do that I just need some guidance. Thanks!

  1. Hey Sylvia! OK, I would recommend going to a real yoga studio, at least for a couple of classes. Most yoga studios will offer really awesome deals for new students, like ten days for ten dollars or what have you. I say that only because we always think we are doing what we are told to be doing, but it is always good to be lead and guided. I learned things in my teacher training about the way I was practicing that could have really led me to injure myself had I not fixed them! After you get a feel for it, I would recommend anything by Rodney Yee for DVD’s for some cool downloads, and any book by Donna Farhi. Hope this helps! I practiced in studios and took my teacher training before I started to practice at home. I prefer the studio environment myself, but a home practice can also be wonderful! Would it be helpful for me to outline how to create a home practice in another post do you think?

  2. Thank you for all the amazing advice. It would be more then helpful for you to outline how to create a home practice in another post. You’re awesome!!!

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