For your belly Part 1

Happy weekend fruit fans!

The weather has finally decided to be summer!  I am so pleased I could just squeal.  But I am not really a squealing kind of girl.

Today’s post comes to you via readers request!  I was asked which yoga postures can help one with their digestion.

I will admit to you that this question felt a bit like opening a can of worms to me.  I have ALLOT to say about digestion, as I have suffered with mine for the better part of my life.  I have had to take into account almost all aspects of my life in order to get any lasting results.  Diet, sleeping patters, stress management, and exercise habits have all come under scrutiny and experimentation.

I will surmise it to say, yoga has certainly helped me.  I think its biggest gift to my digestion has taken place through my mind.  Yoga has taken my stress levels down to a place where I actually tap into my “rest and digest” response.  The place where the parasympathetic nervous system takes over – my body reads that I am not in any danger.  My blood flows away from my extremities and into my organs, where good digestion and healing can take place.  The postures themselves are good for providing acute relief, and for prevention of pain as well.

My biggest suggestions for digestion betterment are diet and stress reduction.  Stress can be managed in many ways.  Yoga, meditation, going for a walk, prayer, ect.  You must find a way to reduce your stress, so that your body perceives no danger.  Then it will go about the business of resting, repairing and digesting.

As far as diet is concerned, you would not expect a car to run seamlessly on sugar.  In the same way, please do not expect your body to run on processed or just plain junky foods.  You can do all the yoga in the world, but if you are not feeding your engine with foods that it recognizes, chances are you will have digestion issues.  A whole-foods, high raw diet will work wonders.  That is my first and foremost suggestion to those suffering with digestion issues.  Take out all processed, all heavily cooked, all overly franken-foods from your diet.  Focus on whole fresh fruits, veggies, gluten-free grains, beans, nuts, seeds and the like and see how you feel.

OK, enough about all of that.  Lets look at some ways yoga can aid your tummy.

Forward bends are really great, if you can get to a place where there is pressure on your belly.  This pressure can come from your legs or a bolster.  The act of breathing into the surface pressing against your belly creates a message type effect for your intestines, which can greatly aid in reducing pain and discomfort.

An example;

Smell your calves!

Paschimottanasan!  This is an excellent message for the belly.  If your hamstrings are not loose enough for you to place your belly on your thighs and hold it there for several breaths, you can modify by using a bolster or a pillow, like so;

I said stop. Pillow time.

Alright guys, in the interest of this post NOT being a beast, I am two parting this one.  Stay tuned for some more awesome moves comin your way tamarra!

I am off to durian myself. OH yeah.


2 thoughts on “For your belly Part 1

  1. OMG. I AM SO GLAD I FOUND YOUR BLOG. I totally want to do the whole 80/10/10 thing but I don’t know of any organic wholesale stores where I can buy my fruit from for cheap and farmer’s markets don’t sell high cal fruit like mangoes and bananas. Actually never mind, I can totally get it from spud. HAH god bless case lot specials.

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