To love a non-bat?

Happy Friday to everyone!  I hope that you made it through this week unscathed, and are ready for some rest and relaxation!

I had to work today, but I got off an hour early!  Twas nice.  I also work tomorrow, which is semi boo, but then, the best food ever is happening to me!  I will be sure to share all the pics with you on Sunday.

For today, lets talk relationships.  I do not claim to be any kind of expert on them, at all.  But I do know that when people have diets that are, not so normal, so to speak, it can be difficult if your significant other does not eat like you do.  There can be temptation from their food if you are still struggling to stick with your new way.  There can be snarky comments or judgement.  There can be utter lack of support.

I have to admit that I am really lucky with my relationship.  My doll is one hundred percent supportive of me and how I eat, and has even adopted many of my habits!  He has gone from eating tuna out of a can and sausages, to eating lots and lots of mangoes and bananas.  In our home he is totally vegan.

My little muffin. Oh, and me

My suggestion for those of you with significant others who are NOT supportive, is to just carry on.  The way you eat represents some values that are  important to you, so take the time to explain that to them.  Tell them why you are doing what you are doing, and explain to them that you would appreciate their support.  Then I say leave it at that.  If they say hurtful things, tell them they are hurtful, but that you are not changing your mind.  There are always going to be nay-sayers in life.  It is very important that we are able to stand up for what we believe is right.  It is my experience too, that once they notice how good you are feeling on your new fruity or whatever path you are on, they may even jump on board!  Or at least have some reasonable questions for you, that could lead to meaningful discussion.

OK, and now onto what we do here.  I cook for my guy on the weekends.  He likes to have raw desserts around, and at least one cooked something.  I really do not mind cooking at all, and I find it fun to go shopping for ingredients, so this works out well for us.  If your significant other wants cooked food and you do not feel comfortable cooking, you must again talk to them!  Maybe they will get on board with cooking.  Maybe you could come to a happy medium of sorts.  Whatever the outcome, I think the most important thing you can do is talk about it!

This week I made him rice and beans;

He liked it. Notice the sideways thumb. Sideways means good, right?

Some raw flat bread;

Veggies and stuff

Some chocolate mint bars;

Squeeze bottle happy.

And some peanut butter chocolate cups!

Eat cho heart out Mr. Hershey's

It is fun for me to create raw foods, and I also like to share them with others!  It gets people turned on to the idea of veganism and raw food, and then maybe one day I can plant a seed about fruit (;

So it does not have to be all or nothing!  Feed your family with love, model the behaviour that you want to see, and see what happens!


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