And other times they are double awesome.

Hi again Bats!

Yesterday I told you about some of my woes as a fruitbat.  Bad fruit being my biggest.  It happens some times, and when it does it can really put a damper on my day.

There are, however, days where everything I eat is perfection.  Yesterday I had one of THOSE days!

I had a melon that tasted like syrup ;

I am the tastiest ever.

The mangoes and oranges were also fantastic.

Sorry to everyone who did not get this for dinner.

A really ripe mango tastes like jello to me.  The texture is like firm jello too!  I rarely have a bad orange, so the taste  delight of these little beauties were not surprising at all, but still welcome!  The little strawberry guavas own my heart.

Look at us, look at us!!

The pudding was the icing on the cake.

Double awesome.

Today was market day!  I really scored.  I love it when the things I want are all in the shaddy bin!

Bag-o-mangoes for 4 monies

Not from the "official" shaddy box, but from a not so good box none the less.

Yummy oranges for $3

Never fails.

I replenished my melon stash, which always makes me feel more secure.

I will sleep soundly tonight.

Look at the amazingness!!  All of these are going to be good. I can tell.

Ommnomnom. I will do my best not to eat them all at once.

The best part?

Be still, my heart!

All those strawberry guavas for one monie!  So so amazing.

This was an awesome fruit day.  They really do happen more often than the non amazing days, and for that I am grateful.

So I have been showing you a lot of my food and market purchases, is there anything else about my lifestyle that you want to see?  Or anything that you want to see in general?  Please, leave me a comment with what would make you happy to see!


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