Sometimes it just ain’t that good.

Blog Friends!  Hello!

I must say, this summer has not been that summer-y, in regards to the weather.  It has been pretty rainy up in here.  And I am cheap.  I have no rain gear.  Needless to say, I have spent many a day at work with some wet feet.  The weather and my spending habits, they just ain’t that good.  I should not complain though, because in comparison to where I am from, V-town has some really awesome and mild weather.  No snow in the winter is a real plus in my books.  I can usually handle the rain, just every now and then, I would appreciate a visit from mister sun.

Another thing that some times ain’t that good is fruit.

I know what you are thinking.  Don’t panic.  I am not leaving fruit.  All I am saying is that sometimes, the fruit that I have to eat is not at its peak.  There are times to where a piece of fruit just isn’t very good, and really isn’t going to get any better.

Like I melon I ate yesterday;

I am a pretty sad melon guys

He meant well, he really did.

Sometimes melons go bad before they go good, so to speak.  This one was starting to get some mouldy spots, but never really got to its peak ripeness.  So just as in life, sometimes fruits never reach their full potential.

I got some really awesome other things to eat with it though!

Ode to the orange time? I thinketh so


Like the strawberry guava!

We rock Fruit Bats world. That's all.


It was not all bad.  I am always conflicted as to what to do with not so good fruit.  Do I eat it anyways?  Do I throw it out?  Freeze it and turn it into ice cream? Just take the pudding;

Everyone likes pudding, admit it.

and leave the rest?

Last night I ate it anyways.  Most of the time my fruit is amazing.  Last night I walked away feeling slightly disappointed.

What do you do with not so good fruit?

See you tomorrow fruity friends!


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