Wicked deal!

Good morning my bloggy pals!

I really love the morning time.  I love how fresh and clean the air smells.  I love how quiet it can be, if it is early enough.  I love having the house to myself, so to speak, because everyone else is still sleeping.  I am working in getting myself to bed earlier, because I really would love to get up earlier!  Many yoga masters recommend going to bed with the sun, and then rising with the sun.  I am not sure that I will ever become THAT disciplined, but alas, I am giving it my best effort.

In other news, this week I got two amazing deals at the market.  Deal number one was 25 mangoes for 5 monies!!  I know, it is amazing.  Some were the size of my head to;

I still can't believe the size

And some of these little gems!

Look at us, so cute in out little box


All those little apricots for one dallah.

I know that I am really lucky to live in a place where good quality fruit as abundant and affordable.  I know that this is not the case for everyone who is on this fruity path.  I am grateful every day.

With my great gratitude, I made a great big plate of fruit;

Really guys, I love my food neon

I still can’t get over the color of that honey-dew.  It was soooooo sweet.

Little divas


It was all so good.  I love summer.  I love abundant ripe fruit.  I love Van-City.

I love you guys too.


4 thoughts on “Wicked deal!

  1. I am colonel jealous of your mangoes. At first I was major jealous but then I saw the picture and I got promoted….

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